01:16PM | 06/12/07
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Sorry, forget who, but somebody asked about the paint on the ladder. I just bought cheapy 94 cents a can regular ol spray paint. I also bought a clear coat to spray over that.

We thought our problem was solved since we didnt see anymore. But today after a heavy rain, they are all over the ladder and in the pool again.

aaaaaaahhhhhhh, I could rip my hair out.


03:08PM | 06/12/07
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It was me who asked about the paint. Thanks.

It's very dry here. We've had NO rain in a long time and we have plenty of the critters.

I did notice that they don't seem to like really hot SUNNY days. It's been in the 80s and 90s here, and when the sun is on the pool in really hot days, there are hardly any thrips. But on partly cloudy or overcast days, even when it's really hot, they're still all over the pool. Maybe the sun makes the metal tubing too hot?

Cindy in KY


04:36AM | 06/13/07
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Well, like I said before, I wouldn't go to the trouble to paint anything. For some reason mine has disappeared. Could it be the rain that brings them on??? Not sure. ButI have alot of chlorine in my pool (pool stabilizer from walmart) I changed the filter in the pump. Those are the only things I can think of that got rid of them for now. BUT.... I have my litle bottle of "off" spray to get ready to spray and wipe down the rails and ladder if needed. Someone try this with the filter changein the pump and 2 stabilizer tabs in your pool, tell me if they are still there. Then we will know it wasn't that, that got rid of them. I'm kinda puzzled also, even more so now why they are gone but delighted they are gone and don't want them back


04:38AM | 06/13/07
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Oh forgot to tell you all. My mother in law works for the DNR. I posted a picture with one of my posts last time to show the name of these creature which they didn't call thrips, but the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) knew exactly what they were. Look back at my postings and you will see a picture and their name. Hope this helps everyone!


04:57AM | 06/22/07
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I viewed that photo and it was hard to tell since it is black & white, if these are the same bugs or not. I am positive though that ours are Thrips.

I bought a product at walmart called "Seven" and sprayed it all around the grass of the pool area. We have had a few here and there but nothing that was a problem for us. I honestly don't know if the spray helped or a change in weather but that is what we did.

Now we keep getting what I think is gnats, lots of them. I go out every morning and there are tons in the pool that I clear out. But I can handle scooping out dead bugs, not just live biting ones!


04:56AM | 06/23/07
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We have the same kinds of those gnats (I guess) now also. I am really wondering if it could be the weather. Spritzing the "off" on the handrails worked for the other bugs for us.


05:32PM | 05/10/09
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Haven't tried this yet but apparently they are attracted to blue. In the web address below they are selling blue sticky traps, mosquito dunks and some garden spray. The theory behind the sticky traps is simple and logical - adults that get trapped can't lay eggs. That might be the easiest solution, I also might try the spray. Not really sure how to use the mosquito dunks in this application.

In the mean time, I did try spraying a multipurpose bug concentrate on the outer surfaces of the pool, in the areas where the white poles go through the blue liner, and in the shrubs and grass within 20 feet of the pool. We'll see how this works.


11:10AM | 06/14/09
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I have had my quick-set ring pool set up for about a week. I've had no problems until it rained. I went out this morning to clean my pool with the net and got ate up like crazy. I noticed that there was a ton of stuff in the pool so I took a closer look and saw on my floating dispenser was little red/orange bugs. Then I looked at the outside of my pool and it's covered all the way around with these bugs. I can't change the color of my pool (outside is blue inside is white). I can't even clean it without getting tore up. I have two small kids and I don't know what to do!!! My son gets sick over everything so I'm afraid he will get bit. I've chlorinated the crap out of my pool and nothing.

Alpaca folk

10:08AM | 08/06/11
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Dear Bug Entrepreneurs,
Feel your pain, relief could be insight. Not sure but we tried 4 oz of Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil to 4400 gallons of water. Now at first when you add it, it tends to attract more of these bugs, however 20 mins later you will have to skim your pool and take those bugs out and they seem to stay away. After 6 days we added 1 tablespoon more of the bath oil and while at first it drew more bugs we instantly noticed the dead bugs on the surface of the water and after 10 more mins we were no longer being bitten. Has had no effect on our chemicals. Makes the water a bit cloudy, but nothing horrible. Works great so far hope this helps. Been 14 days.
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