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10:07AM | 10/15/05
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My basement started letting in water during heavy rain. It had been raining fairly constantly for 7 days. No water had entered the basement previously. House was built in 1986, poured foundation. It is on a fairly steep slope, with the soil sloping away from the house on all sides. When the water came in, it started on the downhill side of the house, and within minutes water was seeping in at several points around the foundation, including where the attached garage meets the house. The downspouts empty into pipes at the base of the foundation, and I don't know where they lead after that. I suspect that the problem lies in that particular area, because of sudden seepage all around the basement and I noticed no large accumulation of rainwater outside near the foundation during the heavy rain. Also, we have a few vertical cracks in the foundation, and they happen to be right by the downspouts, so my uneducated guess is that the cracks were caused by water build-up and freezing during the winter right next to the foundation. When the rainfall subsided the seepage slowed and finally stopped. We were lucky this time because I happened to notice the leak just as it started, and with help managed to keep the water level under an inch. What do I need to do to prevent this from occuring again?


11:55AM | 10/15/05
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I think that you are right.

The foundation drains are "blocked" and if the gutters empty into the same drain pipe then the gutter will just dump water into the area of the footings.

First you need to find discharge of the foundation drains. Since you are on a hillside it should day light.

If you can't find it then you might need to start diggin on the low side of the house down to the footings and then find the pipe at that end and follow it out.

But in addition you should dig up the connections to the downspouts and connect them to a separate drain line. You want to keep that water away from the foundation.

There might be a problem with a spring, but most likely the above will solve the problem.

I also have a house on a hillside, but mine is steps down the hill with the lows part being slab on grade with heating ducts under the floor. About every other year they would fill 1/3 way with water after a long week of spring rains.

Started digging in the dry summer and found a small spring. But the real problem was that the drain pipe from the upper level had not been extended out, but just terminated at the area of the step down. And that was collecting water from higher up the hill and had no place for it to go. (The gutters just dumped on the ground.

Extended that drain line out and daylighted and no more problems.

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