07:33AM | 04/28/05
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I have tried all the lesser expensive things out there trying to save money. I have had to take them all out. I have wasted more money than I care to admit. The filters are just that "a filter" you do one of two things with a filter, clean it or throw it away. I'm scared to death of heights and don't want to have to climb up there to clean off my gutter protection. I finally got Gutter Helmet installed and have had it for 2 years now. Don't have a bit of problem with it. I did have a limb fall on my house and a section needed to be replaced. They came out and replaced that one section, no fuss.


10:54PM | 08/05/05
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In my opinion, he best foam gutter protection product is Leaf Defier. To learn more go to


12:44PM | 08/13/05
Member Since: 02/14/05
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There are only a couple of manufacturers of reticulated foam in the US. The sun does not like plastic. It never has. Especially dark colors, like black, which you just happen to have in your GutterFilter. The sun will eat it up. Also even if the leaves blow away, the smaller debris like oak tassles, pine needles, helicopters, shingle grit, will all work their way into the filter. Sponge products are not maintenance free. Far from it. I know. I can see how they accumulate on the product because its a shelf. The general public does not look upon foam filter inserts as a permanent solution either. They will work for a few years, yes, however the sun will win the war.


12:19PM | 08/29/05
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Not all plastic deteriorates rapidly in the sun else the vinyl siding folks would be all out of business. The gutterfilter installed on my home is installed over the hidden hanging brackets, which totally eliminates debris from getting trap, and improves the lateral flow… GutterFilter and GutterFilter Extreme are not sponges they don’t hold water like you are suggesting… You sure don’t know much about these products to be commenting.

Todd R. Hartzell


05:35PM | 11/20/05
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As someone who has actually used them on his gutters for 2 years, rschreiber's comment on GutterBrush helped in my decision to purchase this product myself. I am not able to climb on my roof to clean the gutters, and it is getting expensive to pay a handyman to do this. The cost of some of the gutter protection product costs are outrageous. GutterBrush costs about $4.00/ft (including shipping) and is easy for a homeowner to install. I'll write a follow up review on this forum a couple of years from now giving my experience.


02:48PM | 12/08/05
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I have been watching gutter protection for 20 years, never bought any until...............MASTER SHIELD My god finally a product that you set it and forget it. CAN'T BEAT THIS!!!


03:05PM | 03/22/06
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Hello folks,

After reading through all these posts it strikes me as if there's a bit of competition going on out here, gents! Hopefully my misadventures and solutions can help the people solve the actual problem at hand. I've had blocked gutters for as long as I've owned my home, and seeing as my husband is not of the type to hike it up a ladder to clean the gutters, we've resorted to trying several different gutter covers and gutter miracles that are available out there. The only one that's worked for us has been a foam gutter filter called Gutter Stuff that came with a 25 year guarantee. 6 years and running so I can't complain!


06:58PM | 03/23/06
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If you are looking for an affordable gutter protection system that is guaranteed, you really need to check out Leaf Relief by Alcoa. That's a name that most people have heard of and can trust. It also won't cost you an arm and a leg to have someone install it either!


09:16AM | 03/24/06
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With the Elko GuttaGard, there's no debris sitting on top of the gutter like Leaf Relief, and you don't have to worry about the gutter guard clogging and water overflowing down the house.

It's a simple DIY product for $1.25/foot or can be professionally installed for $3-5/ft.

When it comes to gutter protection, watch your wallet! Visit us at

Good luck!

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