05:56AM | 11/24/09
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I apologize for not responding sooner. I did not see your post.

I have my sources, I purchased the product from a supply house (less than $2.60/ft) and installed myself. I used the remodel version of the product.

It is an easy install and I didn't want anything under the shingle or to have to alter the gutters. I really like the plastic flange at the back that sits against the fascia. BTW, I still happy with the performance too.


05:35AM | 04/10/10
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Anwser...ready.....A gas powered Blower will clean out your gutters quickly. If you don't have a gas powered blower, your missing out on a handy tool to have around the house


06:16AM | 04/10/10
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That's fine and dandy but I still had to get on the roof with my blower. I haven't had to be back on the roof since my Leaf Relief install. And that's the way I like it.


06:51AM | 08/08/10
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I'm a contractor, I have been working with aluminum products and gutters for 13yrs. I tend to disagree with some of what has been stated here as this information is a little older therefor dated. I install a Microfiber mesh gutter filtration system that is supported by the inventor of the technology. I have personally installed similar products from other companies and chose to sell and install this one because of it's versatility and functionality, and it's unmatched money back guarantee lifetime warranty. If you'd like to see it visit . Thanks Dennis


09:59AM | 10/19/10
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Aluminum Guy, the thirteen years experience has nothing to do with Mastershield as the product has not been around for 13 years. How long have you actually had the Mastershield? As a former dealer of Mastershield ( and that is a pretty long list) I can tell you that you know not of which you speak. Here is the whole scam behind Mastershield: Their money back warranty is impossible to ever have a claim on because it says absolutely not one thing about their filter itself clogging. They claim that they have a self cleaning filter, but when the filter itself clogs, no warranty. Their warranty is against the interior of the gutter clogging, but is is impossible. What good does that do though when no water is making it into the unclogged gutter because the Mastershield is clog. Mastershield has absolutely no warranty whatsoever against the Mastershield itself clogging. Don't take my word for it, read their warranty. Mastershield rips apart all the companies with the free cleaning warranty yet when their mastershield clogs they tell you to scrub it with a brush; nice warranty for $30.00/ft! I have seen Mastershield clog from roof oil, shingle grit, leaves, pine needles, moss, mold, lichen, snow, ice and much more but because the gutter is not clogged, you are out of luck. Some attorney general somewhere should force Mastershield to make claims that are not so tremendously misleading.

Bob Vila, do not be bullied again by Mastershield into pulling down the truth about their product. When they contact you, and you know they will just like last time someone told the truth on your fine website, don't be bullied, I would be happy to provide pictures of every one of the aforementioned conditions. It is time that people knew the truth about this overpriced scam.

By the way, I can also tell you as a former Mastershield dealer that Tim Carter is paid for his endorsement. Absolute fact. The one place on the internet that speaks highly of Mastershield gets paid for every lead he brings into Mastershield. You people who bought based on his word and are now experiencing problems should bombard and ask Tim how much he took to sell you down the river. The time has come for the Mastershield dealers and owners to stop visiting every homeowner site that caters to the honest homeowners, like this one, and posing as homeowners themselves so they can distort the truth. They should spend that time rewriting their warranty so that it actually covers their own product and not the gutter underneath it.


07:35PM | 02/22/14
I switched to Flo Free from DCI Products several years back. Easy to install and Extremely versatile. For the first time NO COMPLAINTS!.....ever! Will not hold ice or snow. Keeps even the smallest particles out and will take all the water mother nature can dole out....Lifetime warranty and about $2.75 per foot. very easy to install with scissors and a knife ... even for a novice and works with every pitch of roof that sometimes is impossible for cap installation


07:44PM | 02/22/14
p.s. to the guy who has the gas blower. The biggest problem with gutters isn't the gutter. Leaves and debris are constantly funneled down your downspouts. You may clean your gutters two, three or even more times per year but all the stuff you missed made it's way down your downspouts. At the bottom where it bends to the lateral pipes it lays there and rots. Gets hard and causes a stoppage of flow. Every time I have been called ( 27 years worth of time ) it has always been plugged pipes below ground at the elbows and not the gutters.


05:42PM | 05/13/14
All gutter guards clog eventually, see the latest technology that solves this problem. Gorilla Gutter Guard with Auto-Clean.

We just outdated all gutter guards. With all of the competition you will still need a ladder to clean off gutter guards and flush out gutter, With Gorilla Gutter Guard you can maintain your gutters and gutter guards SAFELY FROM THE GROUND!
call 402-686-4257
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