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Weekend Warrior

09:23AM | 02/05/03
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We have an interior bathroom on the first floor of our 2 story home. There is no way to get natural sunlight into the room. No options for windows/skylight. My wife likes the look/feel of a garden bathroom.

Is there any light that produces a natural 'sunlight-like' illumination?


12:46PM | 02/07/03
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Is there any way to install a 'sun/solar' tube? These are great if you can get them installed. Here is one site:

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Weekend Warrior

03:44AM | 02/08/03
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I had seen the 'sun/solar tubes' in the past and thought about using one, but I can't figure a way to use it. The bathroom is on the first floor, below a bedroom.


06:33PM | 02/09/03
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Here's an out-of-the-box idea: what about a solar collector on the roof, feeding to set of fiber-optic cables that would then run to the room? A long time ago I saw this demonstrated on some TV show. The dwelling was in Japan, I seem to recall.

The key would be to make lenses for this that would allow for channeling sunlight into the FO cables regardless of the position of the sun. I'm not sure how workable this would be for your situation, but it's an idea to briefly consider and possibly discard.



08:43AM | 02/10/03
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"My wife likes the look/feel of a garden bathroom."
I suggest you save a lot of money by painting or papering the bathroom in "sunny garden"-like colors, then upgrade the lighting and include a sunlamp bulb.


07:01AM | 06/12/03
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Go to and search for "Full Spectrum." They have Verilux full spectrum lights which mimic sunlight so well that you can supposedly grow plants under them. I have them all over my house. If you get creative and cut a box in the drywall, then put one of these bulbs in, then put some frosted glass or plexi over the box, it will mimic an outdoor window.

Mike Howard

10:58AM | 07/01/03
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Actually you can illuminate a false skylight that will give you the impression that a skylight exists without an actual skylight, also as another post had mentioned you can add fiber optics to create some incredible presentations. I am not a lighting consultant but my wife has been for 13 years and the options for creativity are unlimited, they are only restricted by budgets.


06:05AM | 01/15/04
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Philips brand light bulbs has a new bulb out that produces natural light unlike that yellow incandescents. You can find them at the Home Deopot.

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