06:07PM | 03/03/03
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Ok, I feel like something of an idiot, but here's the story. My kitchen has recessed lighting, and when I read the label on the inside, it appears that it uses a BR30 65W bulb. The problem is, it seems like all the BR30 light bulbs I find in the stores are longer than what I have in my kitchen.

This leaves me with two questions:
A) Am I going nuts, or are there two sizes of the BR30 bulb?
and B) Is it a problem to use the larger bulb? Obviously, the bulb sticks down a little father, but they don't really look all that out of place. (And if I look when I have one of each size in adjacent fixtures, I'm not sure that the longer bulb doesn't look better).

Technical info that may or may not help: the fixtures appear to be Juno IC22 housings, with a trim #250. Even looking at their site it doesn't seem to shed any light on the situation, except to say that yes, it uses BR30 light bulbs.


01:56AM | 03/05/03
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I can't say I have ever seen a difference in length on br30 lamps. Are you sure this is what you have. If you have halogen lamps which are par 30 you will find different lengths. Par 30 and par 30L. On the IC 22 I beleive you can adjust the height of the socket to accomodate the length of the lamp.


08:36AM | 03/05/03
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No, it's definitely not a Par30. The shape on those seem different. The bulb I'm pulling out matches a Br30 in shape, just about an inch, inch and a half shorter. I'm not sure I've seen a 65W Par30 either, and the bulbs I'm pulling out are definitely marked 65W.

As far as adjustability on the trim, I'm not sure. It looked like it could vary in length, but only with different trims. It didn't look like the current trim could be moved deeper.

I guess one thing I'm not completely sure is how deep the light should even sit. It looks a little far out with the longer bulb, but then the shorter bulb almost looks a little too short. (Although untill I ran into a different sized bulb I didn't really think it looked too deep). On the longer bulb, the curved edge of the bulb is about even with the bottom of the trim (the edge of the reflector coating is almost exactly at the bottom of the trim, although the installation on these could have been better, some seem to tilt a little show the coating shows). With the shorter bulb, the ****hest portuding curve of the bulb is just slightly lower than the trim. (I could probably manage pictures of the two different bulbs in the fixture if that would help).

My kitchen is getting pretty dark, I've now had 3 of the 4 bulbs there go out .

Electric Eagle

03:25PM | 03/17/03
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I'm with Scott on this one, I've seen short neck par bulbs, but not BR. And it's the inside of the can that's adjustable, not the trim. You might try a different brand bulb.


04:19PM | 03/17/03
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Ok, I've taken a few shots of the bulbs in and out of the fixture. Looking up into the fixture I really don't see any way of adjusting the depth (the part the bulb screws into seems to be attached to the bottom trim part, and I can't see any way of adjusting it).

Ok, first off, we have the two bulbs next to each other. Hard to tell in this picture, but the bottom one is about an inch shorter (and is the original bulb).

Then we have pictures of the small bulb from below and from the side.

And then the large bulb from below and from the side.

The large one does look like it sticks out a little too far, but so far I haven't found the short one in the stores.

Electric Eagle

04:13AM | 03/18/03
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Try to find another brand of bulb. Look on the metal end on the bulb and you may find the name of the manufacturer.


05:03PM | 03/23/03
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Whelp, I went out and bought the same brand of bulb as what was in there originally (Sylvania). While for the life of me I can't see any distinguishing difference in the description on the boxes of these bulbs and the ones I bought before, they are indeed shorter and fit the fixture properly. I'm now able to see in the kitchen again .


03:26PM | 09/06/08
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There should be a wing nut on a l-bracket that will raise and lower the light fixture to accomadate your bulb and fit in the housing.

Deb Mae



05:01PM | 06/25/16
What was the model # of the Sylvania bulbs you finally bought? I'm also looking for a short-neck BR30.
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