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08:36AM | 10/13/04
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I recently tried to repair the dimmer switch of a floor lamp. I thought it would be relatively simple. When I opened the lamp I found out there is no room for your traditional floor lamp dimmer switch because there are two additional side light sockets and there wiring stuffed in the cylinder all crowded around two switches. The actual broken dimmer switch for the light on top I found inside has a part number that reads ZING EAR ZE 256. ( The part is a very small, flat, narrow, black box maybe 1 1/4' x 3/4' x 1/2' in size ) I looked on the internet but have not been able to find it available anywhere. The ZING EAR company's web site was confusing and dificult to browse through to find the part and no one there has responded to my emails. Does anyone have a suggestion on where I could find the part or an equivalent one? The lamp is antique-looking of heavy duty material so I would hate to have to throw it away.




02:29PM | 10/15/04
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I don't think you can get that dimmer anymore. You can replace it with a simple on/off switch that replaced that dimmer at

Go to this site and click on "Jump to Zing Ear switches" and look for the ZE256 replacement switch.

They should be able to give you more info.

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10:31AM | 10/21/04
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10:52AM | 01/13/06
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I was windering if you ever replaced your Zing Ear ZE-256 switch? I also purchased a nice floor lamp about three years ago and now the switch needs replacing. I checked out the kens electronics website to purchase the replacement switch but it is just an on/off and not a dim/bright switch.

Just wondering what you did and if you are satisfied with the result?



11:29AM | 10/20/08
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For dimmer switches that fit inside a pole lamp try Harrington Lights ( look for switches like D5-30584. Harrington has several models - one might work for you. I used a D5-30584. It was a tight fit but it worked.


06:14PM | 03/17/09
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You might try They have antique lamp parts. You might also try posting a want ad on Craigslist or on the ebay "I want it Now" section. You might get some hits, especially if you aren't in a hurry to get it fixed.

Just an idea.



08:01PM | 12/11/13
Ace Hardware sell the replacement dimmer switch. It's the Ace #3039344 and costs $9.99. Getting the lamp apart turned out to be a bigger problem than finding the replacement switch. The pole come apart easy enough but and the switch hole is only 3 inches from that but there is a plug in the pole with a small hole in it to allow for the wires. I could not get the plug out and will have to cut some wires and take the switch out the long way. Be sure and tape a string to the cut wires that go through the small hole so you can get them back through without excessive fishing. You will still have to fish to get the switch thread through the other small hole.

What fun! Sometimes the easiest looking jobs can get difficult.


06:04PM | 01/07/14
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The smallest dimmer switch I am aware of is the Westinghouse 2259500:

Good luck!



05:45PM | 06/24/17

I bought my switch from a website called here is the link:


05:52PM | 01/07/22
How about a floor lamp where the dimmer switch is separate and sits on the floor? It stopped working and that’s the only switch for this lamp

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