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10:03AM | 09/11/03
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I am thinking about bying a woodworking lathe made by Central machinery from Harbor Freight.
The lathe costs $269.00.
The lathe will see a fair amount of work and I need some opinions. Thanks!!

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02:53PM | 09/28/03
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I hear a lot of talk about what good boat anchors CM machinery makes.

check out Grizzly Tools for good value


06:04PM | 10/01/03
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i would suggest you look at the Delta line of products. they can carry a copier if needed, and have a good warranty as well as parts. if this catagory is out of price range, look at the shop fox line. pricing on the Delta will be in the 3 to 4 catagory, as shop fox will be in 2 to 3.


12:04PM | 06/16/07
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I think you need to really evaluate what value you will get for your close to 300 bucks. I bought a lathe from Harbor Freight over 2 years ago and it was pretty much the bottom line. I don't lathe a lot and this has truly earned it's money. The quality is not to the level of your higher priced name brands, but if you have the capacity to make the tool work for you, instead of trying to work the tool, you will be able to complete most tasks favorably. Would I have liked a lathe with more features, yes, but at the time my money was tight and I needed to get going quickly. I found that at certain speeds I had to let up a little on my cuts or resharpen my cutting knives. I have worked on higher priced lathes that I didn't have to prepare as much for, but the offset in this price made up for it. If I were to use a lathe for extended purposes I would consider a higher quality if I had the cash. If you need a good lathe for a short time and don't abuse it this lathe will do you just fine.

As far as someone making a comment about the lathe being a good boat anchor sounds like they should try a chance at doing comedy on the not so funny corny humor circuit.

If 300 is all you have spend it, and if you can make money and save it, be easy on the lathe, you should have a so called better one later, or you just may make it last past the boat anchor stage.


12:25AM | 03/16/19
I purchased 12x 33 inch Central Machinery, bolted it down and everything works very good.


11:49AM | 03/17/19
I have a Central Machinery lathe and am very happy with it. I have several other Central Machinery tools and have been satisfied. I notice that a lot of the negative comments are from people who "heard about" with no first hand knowledge.


11:59AM | 03/17/19
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I have a Central Machinery lathe and have been very happy with it. I also have several other Central Machinery tools and for the money have been equally satisfied. I notice that many of the negative comments are from people who "heard about" rather than having first hand knowledge. You can buy better for a lot more money but if you are new to turning Central Machinery is a good start.


12:47PM | 08/08/19
I have the larger lathe and love it.


10:37AM | 12/07/19
hi, I recently unpacked a 6" jointer stock num. T1606 manufac. by Central machinary but I miss the ASSEMBLY MANUAL> Where can I obtain one??? thanks for your reply Peter Konvalina Israel.


09:53PM | 09/24/20
A friend gave me a Central Machinery wood lathe about 6 months ago. I had never turned a piece of wood before and the first attempt was a small disaster. Then I read two good books on the subject and have produced some nice work. I eventually wanted a better tool rest and bought both a new banjo and rest from Oneway Mfg, CA. This change improved my accuracy. Quality turning tools are a must. Proper sharpening is a must. I believe it is well worth the cost to invest in the higher priced tools. In time I may invest in a much more expensive lathe. But for now, I am enjoying success using the Central Machinery lathe.

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