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09:44AM | 02/01/03
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I recently had a new vinyl floor installed, and am now trying to install the quarter round. However, I have several odd inside & outside angles in my kitchen. I've never used a miter saw before and have done very little home improvement. How do I measure the correct angle to cut the quarter round? And, how do I then go about cutting it to that angle using the mitre saw?


12:46AM | 02/02/03
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Unless you have a power mitre saw with angle settings not limited to 90, 45, and 22.5 degree settings you won't be able to make odd cuts.

If you do, the simplest way to measure the angles is to buy a bevel square.

A bevel square has an wing nut which allows the blade to move.

To use it, you loosen the wing nut, place the square against the corner you wish to measure, tighten the nut, then determine the overall angle in degrees by placing the square on your mitre saw table.

If, for example, you determine you have a 50 degree inside corner, you will then know you need to cut the two pieces of molding with 25 deg angles (25 +25 = 50). If you have a 37 degree angle, you will make two mitre cuts at 18.5 degrees and so on.

A bevel square sells in the US for about $5.

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06:19AM | 02/02/03
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If you are interested in how we bisect angles with a compass I found this for you... rather than try to explain it, they have the pics.
Bi-sect link

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03:47AM | 02/03/03
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Most of the cuts that you will want to make will be 45-degree cuts. These are what you can easily do with an inexpensive manual mitre box and saw.
When I'm not certain how to make a corner cut, I place the "matching" two pieces of quarter round where they will be, and draw a pencil mark on each to show me how I need to cut using the mitre box and saw.
The pencil mark won't necessarily be at the precise angle or position of the cut - it just gives me a guide as to what cut to make, at what angle. (The mitre saw makes the angle right.)
Hope this helps you.

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12:36PM | 07/13/15
I attach some photos of my problem with installing quarter round on a staircase corner to cmplete the skirting

Picture 1 (IMG_3556.JPG) shows the skirting board without the 1/4 round
The problem is that the stair is at 45 degrees to the wall
At the bottom of the picture you can see the 1/4 round coming in from the right

Picture 2 (IMG_3557.JPG)shows the stair and picture 3(IMG_3558.JPG)the right hand corner closer up

I hope that you can follow what I am trying to show
It's not a quetion of finding the correct angle on the mitre box it's more complex!

I see that I can only send one picture at a time
So 3557 and 3558 will be sent separately
The immage numbers will be in the subject

Img 3557


10:55PM | 09/23/20
Normally you would only run the baseboard on stairway

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