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09:37AM | 01/09/05
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Hi folks, i bought a dw744 tablesaw at a garage sale last year, and for a while it worked flawlessly. Now when i use it, cuts are slow, and blue smoke seems to come from the act of cutting. Being moderately colorblind, i never noticed it, thinking it was just from the cutting action. But yesterday i had a bright light behind the unit and finally noted the blue'ish smoke.. not tons, but enough to make me stop.

I am a bit of a novice with the tablesaw, and wondered: should the motor arm rotate freely? I took off the blade completely, powered on the motor. I rotated fine, but come to a rather quick stop, with a bit of sqweeking at the end. This doesn't seem right, so i thought to ask for a bit of advice. Is this common, is it an issue? Does it sound like the motor is seized, or needs repair? many thanks, drew..


10:38AM | 01/10/05
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i took apart the table, clean out as much accumulated sawdust etc, throw on a tiny tiny bit of wd40, and replaced the blade. I think the blade was causing the issue, even though the cut samples did not show any burning. I must have toasted the blade as the new blade cut fine. Thanks for anyone thinking of ways to help me.. drew..


02:58PM | 01/16/05
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A sharp blade was going to be my first suggestion

if you have the booklet with the saw, go through all the alignment proceedure too.

Tjhis saw is known for getting stiff on the up/down. Every time I change blades,I oil the slides it rides on, but get a better lube tha WD 40 like a twenty weight or a teflon lube. I lkie Boeshield B9 which is a wax that will protect the fence and surface also. Spray on to sit a minute and rub it off.

Also, use a #10 cord for extension cord. The only time my moptor was smoking was when the crew hooked it to a hundred foot long #12 extension.

Pay very careful attention too to the lever that locks the fence rails. It sits so close to the on/off switch that it can be easy to mistake one for the other when you are preoccupied. You might turn it on when all you mean to do is to adjust the fence.

Overall, It is not a bad little saw. Count your fingers every day. Count to ten and keep it so.

Excellence is its own reward!


03:25PM | 01/16/05
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excellent tips, i will get some better grade oil as i have noted how difficult the up/down has become. I don't have the manual as it was a second hand purchase. I do have a #10 cord, and will ensure to use it, and in the last case, this too was likely part of the problem. Many thanks, drew..

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