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01:30PM | 10/16/05
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I have a 19?? Wayne Air Compressor Model 376V (AC4120). The unit stills runs but it is a little slow filling the tank up. I have researched Wayne and the company does not exist. Leroy (Dresser) in Ohio, bought the company, but they do not have any such parts what so ever. Does anyone know of someone that has any manuals and/or a rebuilt kit for the pump? My other route is to buy an inexpensive replacement pump any suggections?


09:10PM | 11/03/05
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Hi, I just bought a wayne air compressor and it is from 1969. It has two compressor's (only one works) and two motor's. My friend works at a company in Marion Indiana that can get replacment parts for anything. I will talk with him in the next couple of days. Because I need a crank and a few other parts for mine. I will see if he can find a rebuild kit for them if so I'll let you know. Let me know If you get this messege.


08:14PM | 11/08/05
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That would be great, let me know if you need any more info on the unit.


02:56PM | 02/07/06
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Sorry for taking so long replying to your last messege. I forgot all about it. If you want to contact me. My phone # is (765)-674-4275. That way we can talk more about it. Thanks Miles


05:40AM | 02/05/07
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I also just purchased a wayne air compressor,it was manufactured in 1958. I need to change the 3hp motor, it's three phase.

I would also like to find a manual for it, any help would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks, Tom.


05:55PM | 03/22/07
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I have the same problem. Have you found a source for Wayne Air Compressor parts? Thanks.


11:50PM | 03/22/07
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Hi Billferg,

I have not looked for any parts yet, I haven't picked it up yet. One thing I have to do before anything is to change the motor, Its three phase, I guess it came out of an old gas station.

Whats the story on your compressor? how old, how big?

Keep in touch, Tom.


07:04PM | 08/25/07
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I just purchased a air compressor, It has a big Wayne horz. tank and a two cyclinder compressor with a 2 hp motor. I don't know if it the original compressor. I could not find a tag on it. I freed up the pistons, but the reed valves are still frozen. How do I seperate the two halves of the head. and where do I get parts.


09:22AM | 01/22/08
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I just picked up a Wayne compressor, model number 992 on the pump. Two stage, and I believe this one was origanally powered with a 12 HP gas engine. I am looking for a manual for this pump. Any help out there??



05:33PM | 02/01/08
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I have a Wayne model 378V that needs a motor, not sure what horsepower it needs?? Can anyone help? I seem to think a 2hp would do it, but need to know for sure. Thanks. Greg


08:41AM | 08/30/08
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I work as a contract programmer for an air compressor company which carries Wayne parts. So perhaps these are just the parts that you are looking for?



(I hope this helps you, and others on this thread who have expressed frustrating with finding Wayne replacement parts!)


01:48PM | 01/11/09
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looks like we are out SOL (sorry, out of luck) when it comes to finding parts for wayne compressors. if someone/anyone has had any success please advise


04:59PM | 05/10/09
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I recemtly acquired a piston-type two-stage air compressor. The nameplate is very weathered and all I have been able to read on the nameplate is:

Model: 376H

Serial: 78557



If you have any information on this air compressor (ie. Operating and Maintenance Manuals, Parts Diagrams and Sources, etc.), please reply.

Thank you,

Don Hamilton


05:41PM | 06/08/09
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Cascade Machinery in Spokane, WA helped me with my Wayne a few weeks ago. I forgot what my model is but it is gas powered with a wisconson 18hp gas engine. # for Cascade is 509-534-3559 ask for chuck


06:15PM | 07/04/13
356H husband just was given one need to know anything about this Wayne air compressor. Thank you!


04:10PM | 08/19/13
I need to change the air pump on wayne air compressor model 31012-v where I can find one or which one can be the right.

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