03:54AM | 11/17/05
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Hello guys!

I'm new to this site, and thought that perhaps someone might know of where I could get a Manual for this saw.

I just bought it used, but of course, no manual.

It's very nice actually...all digital/electronic. Picked it up for only $50 Bucks!!! And it works GREAT!

But...I'd still like the manual.

Can it be downloaded online????

I've searched all kinds of avenues, but nothing steers me in the right direction.


10" Radial Arm Saw, Electronic, Mod. No. 113.198211



05:50PM | 12/14/05
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these saw were made for sears by emerson tool co. check their web site should have parts and manuals. also look into recall for these RAS. many saws qualify for replacement guard and top at no cost to you


01:17PM | 08/23/06
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Yes I have the manual,'s 100 pages. I'm not sure what would be the easiest way to copy this, scanning or copier. Either way it's quite a process. If there is an easier way I would be willing to pass a copy of the manual to anyone. Anybody?? Let me know :) thanks!



04:55AM | 08/24/06
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Those methods that you posted are the only two ways that I'm aware of to send a copy.

Of course, scanning will enable you to send via email.

Copying will enable you to send via snail mail...LOL!

As you already stated, either method will be tedious.

I don't think you want to do that. But, if you did, of course, I would pay for the shipping.

But, it would litterally take you hours either way.

I have contacted SEARS. They don't seem to be able to help as it is actually manufactured by a third party. And SEARS just puts their name on it.

Anyway, thanks for your responce, but I really don't want to put you out.

I wish I could find an electronic file "on line". But, I don't believe the internet was all that popular when this unit was made.LOL

Thanks man!


doug seibert

05:26AM | 08/24/06
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Consider copying and sending the information to the OldWoodWorkingMachines site.......Here the info could be archived and distributed via the internet.....(they don't have that manual .....yet!)

"...measure once.....cut twice....throw that one away and cut a new one...."


12:28PM | 08/24/06
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Ok, this is what I'm going to do. I don't have much time on my hands but......I will start scanning the manual, a little bit at a time till its all done. I don't know how long it will take me so please be patient. I agree, scanning will allow me to send it electronically and I am totally willing to share this little bundle of joy! Question: Once I have it scanned, what format should I be saving this in? Scanning I believe, creates a graphics file, am I correct? Or is there another format that I will be able to save it in which will make it much better to upload and download? I don't have the full version of adobe acrobat so that's out. I will figure out something. If you guys have any advice feel free! :)


07:23AM | 07/04/07
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i have a 113.198211 but no mauual could you help me thanks lou


08:15AM | 07/05/07
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Just follow this link:


05:23PM | 09/04/08
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It's on the Sears parts site...go to, in the top bar click parts. Enter model in the model search box. You should see a link to manuals to the right of the parts search. Click it, do the quick registration then download the manual. If you have popup blocking on allow it for that site, or turn it off until you save it. Then you can read it on screen or print it. About 104 pages. Covers the 113.198211 cabinet model and the 113.198251 stand model.

Also for those with the original guard that has the dust elbow in front go to which is Emerson Electric's site (they made the saw for Sears) for any Sears saws to be refitted with new guards. The guard set for the 113.198211/251 is 509344 is free from Emerson and the manual for it implies a new top is part of the retrofit. Best part is the dust elbow is in back now.

Anyone ever figure a fix to power the electronics from an adapter instead of those expensive camera batteries? I'm working on one but no time till fall hits. I got the saw from my father-in-law's estate and it's a sweet saw. ALso thanks to Bob Vila's site for info that lead me to the manual and the recall.


05:26PM | 09/04/08
Member Since: 09/03/08
2 lifetime posts or email me and I can send it through a few sources like
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