09:25PM | 11/03/02
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I have a corner bedroom. The outer wall is of stucco, the parallel inner one is of wallboard.

One of the interior walls slowly turns a sort of a brownish colour which is taken away by washing the wall with a weak solution of bleach. But after a few months this dirty looking colour returns.

I am wondering what causes the creeping colour to appear on the wall? Could it be mold?

This wall parallels the exterior stucco wall. But I don't detect any cracks that would allow water to seep in, keeping in mind that mold only grows where there is moisture.

This creeping colour change occured during the summer months (no rain) and am curious as to why this is happening being this has never happened previously. Your thoughts?


08:07AM | 11/04/02
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Do you burn candles? It could be soot.


11:36AM | 11/05/02
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does the wall feel damp? Do you use AC, and is the vent nearby? If so, the problem is lack of insulation in that area of wall and the cold air hitting a consistianly warm wall could be the cause of the growth, if it is mold that is.


06:51PM | 11/07/02
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No, the wall does not feel damp. And there is no air conditioning or central heating in this house.

It's just the fact that the wallboard on one side of this house slowly turns a tan colour. I'm very much conerned that perhaps the stucco has become porous or there are very tiny cracks that the eyes can not see but are wide enough for water to seep through?! So what's causing the color change?


06:32AM | 11/08/02
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You didn't say if the wallboard is painted but the fact that you can wash away the discoloration makes me wonder if it's coming from the inside, not the outside.
Do you have any other walls that parallel outside stucco walls? If so, do they turn color?


10:26AM | 11/08/02
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There is another corner bedroom with both inside and outside walls of stucco.

Both inside walls do turn a light tan color over time. And I wash those walls with a very weak solution of bleach in water - as with the bedroom with wallboard interior.

I went outside to take a look at the stucco walls, could not find any cracks, etc.
But what does bother me is that a garage wall, part of the wood wall/frame become wet when it rains and what really bothers me is that there are no cracks to be seen in the stucco! So...could it be that water is starting to seep through the stucco even if there are no cracks? That's really scary now = big expense to redo. :-(


06:20PM | 11/17/02
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A couple things come to mind here. The chances of your stucco "seeping" water are possible, but not likly. The first thing I would do is look at what's around the coloring of the walls. (could be dust attracted by items in the room). You can rent a moisture meter to measure at the coloring....There is a siliconized coating made for stucco. Could have roof leak. I skipped around a lot to give you a few things to think about. Do you have a steel framed house?
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