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11:25AM | 05/31/05
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I have a new home we just moved into with Andersonn 200 double hung and Anderson 400 casement series windows. We built a custom high end home.

When measuring for blinds we noticed that the casing on the double hung windows only extended out from the Anderson frame by 1/4 inch. The Anderson frame is 1 1/4 inches. The builder said this is the way Anderson windows are hung and we will need to hang outside the frame blinds.True or false??


11:04AM | 09/02/05
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We are having the same issue. Did you ever get a solution...I have the same problem. I called Anderson this morning to see if I could hang blinds as an inside mount...even if it stuck out a little. They said mounting anything inside would void the warranty. But I have beautiful crown moulding that I don't want to cover up...HELP!!!!!


05:06PM | 12/12/07
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Well make that 3 of us. We have the same problem with the double hung windows. No room for the blinds. Blind company says mount on the moulding.


08:20AM | 12/13/07
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On the casements narrow blinds will fit on the inside molding. For the double hungs, the installer suggested that I buy a firring strip and install it to the wall above the molding and attach the blinds to that.


02:41PM | 12/13/07
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Thanks for the hint. After requesting suggestions from the company they sent the warranty and warned about installing anything near the balancer. Felt like they were more interested in warning about violating the warranty agreeement than about helping.

For brand new windows, these things don't work all that great anyway. I'd suggest a different brand to someone else.


01:31PM | 12/21/07
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My husband and I are confronting the very same problem. Brand new, custom home. We're EXTREMELY unhappy with the Series 400 windows. The sales pitch was great, the Andersen windows we had in 2 prior homes were fine. These don't open with the ease of the others. We had to drill the frames ourselves to get the grilles to seat properly. Two double hung and one casement were defective from the manufacturer, and are still awaiting replacement. And now we confront the "can't hang blinds inside the molding problem". And, voided warranty or not, you won't hang blinds inside the double hung Series 400 unless you have 6" walls. That's something the salesperson should have told us.

Never again. "Andersen windows" has become synonymous with the word JUNK for us.


05:00PM | 12/26/08
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I am trying to find replacement blinds for casement windows. The current blinds have a very low profile header with cords on the very far left to control tilt and the far right to move up and down. Anderson and Levelor are very unhelpful.

Any suggestions on parts or new blind suppliers?


08:36PM | 11/20/09
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WOW can't believe someone else has the same problem finding blinds to replace the old ones. I had the same problem with levelor and anderson no help. Have you found where we can purchase replacements blinds. I don't want to put the old ones back they are a mess and the hardware is cracked.


06:09PM | 08/13/10
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We have had similar issues with our DH andersons, blinds don't fit and they don't move easily. The tilt design is as cheasy as it gets. Stools are too narrow. It appears to be all in the name of cheaper manufacturing.

I made and painted some aluminum L brackets to hang the blinds from and attached the brackets to the top of the window so that the blinds hang within the window opening footprint. The thickness of the blinds puts the inside of the blind noticably out of the window recess, but it is not something that stands out when you look at it. not only is this something that the sales weasles should explain, but it's just a poor design choice since they are targeted at upperscale use which often goes with fancy casings and blinds.

The sliding door screens are a monthly project to keep the roller height adjusted and put them back on the tracks. The casement window operator [crank system] is junk, all are loose and now 2 of the 6 we have are stripped. I also don't like the single piece screens since it's a chore to remove the screen even if you only want to open it a small amount.

My Harvey replacement vinyl windows were a dream, I should have stuck with them. I will never recommend anderson to anyone.


07:00AM | 08/04/11
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For the double hungs, the installer suggested that I buy a firring strip and install it to the wall above the molding and attach the blinds to that.

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01:10PM | 03/26/12
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Flase. I would call to get that fixed the best way you could.


07:49AM | 11/07/12
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Double hungs look good and they compliment the wall on which they are hung.


03:38PM | 01/19/13
We had new Andersen windows in my old mother's house and now we cannot hang blinds or shades for her privacy. Reading the above makes me sick, they were expensive.


03:17PM | 02/01/13
Hey you all, Andersen is spelled with a 'sen' not 'son'.


09:31AM | 02/20/13
Wish I had read this before we ordered the 400 Series (casements) as replacements in our house. It's been six months and we still don't have completely installed windows due to manufacturing issues. Even the replacement parts have had issues..

Hadn't heard about the blinds violating the warranty. Even the Andersen reps who have been at our house didn't mention it and they knew our goal was to put the blinds back up.

Thanks to all who have shared.


04:46PM | 03/13/13
Totally agree with all. Andersen has not designed their windows for "stock" window treatment applications. The alternative is to order expensive custom fits. Maybe they have an interest in one of these companies??


11:17AM | 10/24/13
As a window installer for the last 10 years this is an installation issue. when we measure for windows we Always as if the customer is wanting to reuse the old window treatments. There are many ways to address this before the window are installed.
pushing window out to the exterior of the home and installing a deeper jamb extension allows for the brackets to be hung inside the window opening, 3/8" to 1/2" is all it takes. The blinds will extend into the room to clear the bottom sash. Most complaints about any window is directly related to the installation. I have worked on million dollar+ homes and shanties and found if the person performing the measurements asks the right questions and is honest with the customer up front all 3 parties will not have any issues.
The homeowner also has to make sure they express their wants up front. you have to remember this field has a high turn over, long hours, numerous customers, and heavy objects can make the most professional installer/salesman forget to ask a few simple questions that can make all the difference


09:23AM | 02/07/14
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cchuck & s8vm632, when our house was built, they put in Andersen double-hung windows. I've always had to mount my blinds on the outside top of the window trim & hate it. Not being a DIYer, I'm trying to picture how you've done yours. Would you be willing to take a picture & post for those of us that need to see it to understand it? I'm really frustrated with this. Also, our windows had a 20-yr warranty and leaked from the start. I called several times & never could get anything done. Now, we're past the warranty so I guess we'll just have to bite the bullet & replace at some point. We definitely won't be replacing with Andersen!! Thanks!!


02:58PM | 09/02/14
The Renewal by Andersen windows are the same and extremely expensive. Hate them!


12:36PM | 05/21/15
Where exactly in the warranty does it exclude installation of inside mount blinds? I don't see it.


06:08PM | 02/12/16
We ran in to the same issue, just found the answer. Instafit Blinds from No drilling, no tools amazingly easy to install.


03:45PM | 05/28/17
When put my old mini blinds (inside mount) on my new Andersen 400 series casement windows, I found that I could no longer remove the screen to clean the windows. The blind hardware interfered with the window opener hardware. The only blind of any style that I can find for an inside mount is a micro mini (1/2-inch slats). The hardware is small and attaches to the top inside. I still have to remove the blind to remove the screen


12:17PM | 02/14/18
I was wondering how to do hang up blinds on my Anderson Windows too. I saw online that their is this web site. , I have not use them yet, because they are very expensive, supposedly you can hang up blinds with no damage to window .


09:04AM | 05/25/19
See this post on another WEB site.


09:46PM | 10/06/19
Anderson windows appear impossible to hang shades in. Why no shades made that fit Anderson windows?8


11:47AM | 10/15/19
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Thumbs up to as they provide me the most suitable shades just according to my need. You made my room artistic.


11:01AM | 10/23/21
Where can I get replacement Andersen blinds 19" width x 54" lengt?

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