03:34AM | 08/17/07
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I was one of the early respondents in this thread long ago and my attention has been re=directed here.

I am truly surprised to see so much complaint on this product. Iam a contractor in Maine and have used it a few times. None of the decks I used it on have problems and after reading all this, I walked out to my shop and took a look at a sample I have had there, laying in the damp ground for years now, and at a piece that had been left over on the rack outside in a location where I almost would expect mold in this climate.

Neither have any mold problem. There is some mildew spotting as I would expect. I dug and scraped at the material to see if there was any penetration of the product. There is none. The spots are ALL on the SURFACE and clean right off.

In my opinion, this is a normal cleaning situation and nothing to do with maintainance or product failure.

I have heard in this whole thread no description of anything other than the same SURFACE problems. If anyone can post a photo of actrual mold penetrating or emanating from within the product, I would be very interested to see it, but so far, the descriptions here are of a surface that simply needs normal cleaning

Excellence is its own reward!


11:42AM | 08/17/07
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I installed correct deck 2 years ago. It is both durable and stable but has the significant drawback of MOLD!!! I complained earlier this year after spending over $100 for EZ deck cleaner and the MOLD INHIBITOR sold by C-D. I was told repeatedly that the mold inhibitor would LAST AN ENTIRE SEASON.

It's been two months since I applied the product and within the past 2 weeks I again have an aweful looking deck. At this rate, annual cleaning costs will be in excess of $500!

As to this being "surface" and not penetrating mold...NO WAY. I've scrubbed repeatedly with soap/water and stiff brushes to absolutely no avail.

My last option is to stain the deck. Just tested a piece of C-D with stain. Will have to wait months to determine success.

By the deck is 3 level, total southern exposure, no trees in area to either block sun OR dump leaves. Deck is clean and dry unless it rains (and it hasn't much in So. Wisconsin).

Very interested in legal recourse as an option.


07:18PM | 08/17/07
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I wish someone who knows what to do would take charge of this suit. I also had my deck cleaned with that product and it hasn't been 3 months yet and the mold is returning. How can a company get away with cheating so many customers and no one cares.


07:20PM | 08/17/07
Member Since: 03/21/07
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How much are you being paid by Correct Deck?


10:29AM | 08/20/07
Member Since: 08/19/07
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Add to list


10:40AM | 08/20/07
Member Since: 08/19/07
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I'd be interested in hearing the results of your staining test. I too have the old product, Nothing we do lasts for more than 2-3 weeks before mold/black circles return. Thnaks Joe


11:10AM | 08/20/07
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Hear that folks? If we just do some "normal cleaning" we should be just fine. Thank you for that advice, contractor in Maine! You must have a few good friends in CorrectDeck!

Re the lawsuit--I left another message today for the lawyer who handled the Trex class action lawsuit, but have not heard back. I'll give it a few more days and then try some CT lawyers who specialize in class action suits.

Re the staining--we did try that with several of the boards since we had a few extra replacement boards--it was not successful, since the mold began to reappear under the stain.


11:52AM | 08/20/07
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Actually decided not to wait a few more days-I spoke with a lawyer in CT who is going to look into the Trex suit and get back to me--will keep you posted.


10:13AM | 08/21/07
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Count me in as well. I installed my "correct" deck (over 800 sq. ft.) less then 3 years ago and have black spots all over. The deck is in full sun all day and has also faded subatantially (another promise I was told would not happen). Please keep me posted as to anything you may need. I powerwashed the deck (per the reps suggestion) and the spots came off but are starting to re-appear.
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