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07:23PM | 09/25/08
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We had a TimberTech deck installed about 2 years ago. After about 1 year the we noticed the deck boards had swelled and the gap between them was gone. About 6 months later the deck boards swelled so much that they popped the screws and raised up in places. We called TimberTech and were told to send them pictures of the deck. They said the boards were installed touching each other. We didn't have pictures of the deck when it was installed with a 3/16 to 1/4 inch gap between the boards.They will not replace the material. I do not recomend using TimberTech decking material.


01:53PM | 06/26/12
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We also installed a Timbertech deck in November of 2008.
This past year of 2011 and 2012 we have noticed that the boards are curling up on the sides, warping, seperating and in some cases splitting. We have contacterd Timbertech numerous times, sent pictures, receipts, etc. After having received these items they sent an email saying that we should hire an engineer to access the situation that it could be a joist problem. We sent a reply back that it couldn't be a joist problem as it was occuring on the sides of the boards. They have refused to answer emails or to send a representative out to view the damages. It has become a real safety issue.


07:27PM | 07/16/13
I read about your problem and asked myself when I posted this. I am having the identical problems and then some and have had the same response from Timber tech. I am going to see a lawyer later this week. I have recommended against a Timber tech desk to all who ask how I like mine.


12:14AM | 06/30/14
I too have had the exact same problem with my NEW deck after less than a year. The ends all curled up and the Timbertech customer service rep, Gene< has offered me a few new boards (8; and I had purchased a helluva lot more than 8).

If anyone one of you has sued, please let me know. I do intend to contact my lawyer about this. It's pretty unbelievable that a major company can get away with selling defective products in today's market with the availability of so much social media at our fingertips. I work for a multinational company and can and will get the message out to all to avoid this product at all costs.

In the meantime, I'm wondering if anyone is interested in joining in a class-action law suit against TimberTech?


02:32PM | 09/27/14
In 2006, I had a very expensive large deck $85,000.00 installed. Had to refinance my house. Within 1 month the deck was popping the long screws. I had the channel deck design installed where you only see a few screws. Timber Tech has been out three times to replace all the facia boards with finally a PVC product which looks great. However, the decking itself is swelling so bad that it is a safety issue. Curling on all the edges. Never thought my deck would be too hot to walk on in the summer in bare feet. I can clean the mildew off but the deck boards are getting in terrible shape now and I cannot believe that 8 yrs later people are still having the same problems. I too contacted an attorney and he told me it would not be financially sound. Class action suit is the only way to go this really insulting problem from Timber Tech.


05:46PM | 05/26/15
I have also had a huge problem with Timbertech decking material. It was installed in 2008 and within 1 year was beginning to warp and since has progressively failed. The spaces between the planks are gone and the boards are cupping and warping. The color has faded to a grayish splotchy mess. I have attempted to contact the company multiple times and they have not made any attempt to fix the problems, let alone replacing the material. I have called and have been unable to talk to any one in the warranty department, they claim to only respond to emails, but they have not. Given the cost of this material and the cost of installation we feel the company has completely failed us. I would not recommend this company.


08:37AM | 07/23/15
We live in Ohio. Our TimberTech deck boards are curling so bad that it is uncomfortable to walk across the deck in our bare feet. Our deck was installed in 2008 and the boards started curling about a year later.
I'll be watching the Internet to see if a class action lawsuit gets started. I hope so. We thought we were buying better material. This isn't right.


05:33PM | 08/25/15
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I have the exact problem with our Timbertech deck that was installed in the summer of 2013. Many boards have warped and cupped already. We had this exact issue with a deck we put on a previous home in 2008. Timbertech provided new boards and gave a nominal (and unrealistic) allowance for labor to have the boards replaced. No allowance for removal of the defective boards. I cannot believe it is now 5 years later and Timbertech is still providing defective materials. I have contacted our home's builder to see what to do, but after reading all the complaints online, I now see that a class action suit has been initiated. Sure hope it moves ahead full steam. This is totally unacceptable.


09:05PM | 04/07/16
I am having the same issues with my TimberTech deck and the company. Deck is swelling and the company will not take any responsibility - they offered a "one time offer" of a box of screws to fix the problem if I would sign an agreement that I would not disclose the information to anyone. Could someone share information regarding the class action suit, how I can join?


11:58AM | 04/10/16
I recently received a quote to install Timber-Tech boards on my deck. Does anyone know if they have fixed the issues associated with these problems. In other words, has their product been perfected?


02:05PM | 04/10/16
I attached a picture of the issue I am dealing with, I suggest you find another option besides TimberTech.
Img 1397


07:18AM | 05/26/16
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I am also having similar issue with my timber-tech company.


03:17PM | 05/04/17
I have a Timbertek Twin-finish deck installed in 2007 on sleepers over a rubber membrane. Have had significant swelling of the boards, both in width and length. TT denied there is an issue, but the boards have pushed out the railing posts by several inches in a 12 foot width, and have elongated by about 4 inches in a 27 foot length deck. They just want to offer a small amount of cash, in return for me never filing another claim against the company. That sucks! I'd love to know if there are any class-actions in progress regarding this issue.


08:06PM | 06/19/17
I am having problems with my TimberTech deck also. I had it installed in 2008. The wood is curving upwards on the ends. They are refusing to cover. I will be contacting my lawyer. When we were deciding which type of deck to purchase we were being told that this was a very good low maintenance deck with a warranty. We felt protected and as if we were purchasing a great product since it was also backed up by such a warranty. I think a class action suit would be appropiate I do not think others should be purchasing this product and being deceived. It was not cheap.


05:33PM | 07/20/17
Is there a class action lawsuit? My deck was installed in 2008 and the entire deck has warped, fascia is all pulled away from the deck in curves, the steps have curled up - I'm very frustrated! Please respond if you know of a lawsuit, I would very much support this.


01:48PM | 08/14/17
I have the same problem. After the first winter, the boards swelled and the ends curled up. TT will not honor their warranty. The ends are protruding upwards have chipped and cracked. Gene from TT says "it is a cosmetic issue and not warrantable" I am at a loss as to what to do. I see no one has answered with any lawsuits info so I assume no action has ever been started? Any other blogs or websites info?


12:34PM | 08/24/17
I too would like to know if there is any legal action against this company. My deck was installed in 2011 and I filed a claim. They keep asking me for more pictures and are giving me the run around. My boards are cupping, rotting, and shrinking.


06:25PM | 10/07/17
We are having the same issues with wood swelling, curling and warping. When I contacted them about this they said they wouldn't cover it under the warranty which should be still good since it was installed in 2008 because we bought the house after 5 years of the installation. That made the warranty null!!! Did anyone see anttorney?


07:17PM | 11/18/17
warping, blistering, cracking, and TT just spins, denies. This is a fraudulent company. Buy another product


11:55AM | 12/14/17
warping, cupping and splitting. All I can get is the runaround from them. More pictures, deny, spin. IMHO they're arrogant crooks. Don't buy this product.


03:43PM | 01/07/18
You can add me to the list of Timbertech customers with swelling at the ends of boards. The deck is approximately three years old. I first noticed the problem about six months ago in one portion of the deck. It has since spread across most of the remainder of this large deck. Timbertech advises installing parting boards and cutting off the swollen ends of the existing boards. They have offered materials but no labor. The solution of parting boards is not feasible, and not including labor is not acceptable. Has anyone sought legal advise?


11:32AM | 03/31/18
Mine are swelling at the ends and splitting in some cases. TT just spins and gives me the runaround. No help whatsoever. There isn't any warranty. Don't let them tell you otherwise...crooks.


05:50PM | 04/11/18
does anyone have an issue with timbertech shinking?


05:18PM | 05/27/18
We also have a deck installed in 2014. Less than a year later, we had cupping and warping. When we contacted the company, they had us take pictures. They denied the claim and said it was an installation problem. The installer was experienced, and I know it is the decking. There should definitely be a class action lawsuit. This company is horrible!


02:47PM | 08/27/18
has anyone looked into a class action lawsuit?


08:08PM | 08/30/18
We after 4 years are pulling up the Timbertech... in the front of the house... 600 sq Ft.... the boards are cracking , splitting and discolored and because of the rising up caused water to run towards the house... we looked under the desk last week and my husband touched a beam and it crumbled in our handes rotted from the top down... since you cannot see under the timber tech planks... the pulling up was on the joints causing water to sit...

We contacted Timbertech Warranty and Care they said to send pictures... then no response... the planks may be composite but the support structure is not the same material it is wood.... I asked when they were installing how come they did not use composite framing and they said it was guaranteed for 30 years over wood... should have saved ourselves $30,000... our desk is over 3000 sq Ft....wrap around porch... mistake... I hope the rest of the desk is not this bad when we look... it has costed 8000 to replace this 600 ft.... do not buy ....


03:31PM | 09/02/18
I'm having the same problem with the ends of my decks boards swelling and turning up. My deck is only 1 1/2 years old now. I haven't contacted Timbertech yet, hoping it would stop, but it keeps getting worse. I'll have to contact them now. I'd love to be part of a class action law suit on this one. It sounds like they've had this problem for years and are refusing to deal with it but keep selling the same defective and very expensive product.


12:11PM | 09/05/18
We are having the same issue- cupping and warping. Is there a class action lawsuit? I would love to be involved.


10:01AM | 01/08/19
I have also had exactly the same issue with timbertech


04:28PM | 04/08/20
Glad I found this thread. I thought I was alone. TT deck built 2008 and now it’s a mess! Literally pulling itself off house thanks to planks swelling. I spent 18k having it built and now fear it is dangerous to entertain on. The vinyl railings at ends are pushed outwards and planks look like a wave pool. I’ll be monitoring for lawsuit as well. A complete disaster!


06:58PM | 05/23/21
Timbertech deck boards installed 2010, and withing a year there was noticeable "sharktoothing". I used the hidden fasteners, and now I can hardly walk on it, there are long edges raised up over and inch. Never again.


08:52AM | 02/18/22
Same story. Installed in 2008 and boards are so cupped at the edges my deck looks like rippled water. It is uncomfortable to walk on and so bad on some edges it's a trip hazard. The installation clips set the spacing, and yet years later the boards have swelled and cupped so much there is no space between and they are riding up against each other. DO NOT BUY TIMBERTECH products!


05:26PM | 04/19/22
so i'm reading these posts and this absolutely sickens me. we had our deck installed last year, 2021, and it started swelling and bowing almost immediately. so this has been going on at least 13 years. we also contacted TT and took many, many photos and were also given the runaround, as detailed in these other posts. is there a class-action suit yet? unfortunately i live in Iowa; not sure if or how any Iowa lawyer would want to take on a class-action suit; but man, something needs to be done. this company should NOT be able to get away with this !! we kept telling them, i don't care whose fault it is but it is certainly not ours; we relied on the product and the contractor. my husband was just with the contractor this afternoon and they inspected "leftover" pieces of this decking material -- it also was warped, ends are swollen up, ends are thicker than the middle.


10:11PM | 05/24/22
Good grief, me too. Installed these boards in the summer of 2020 with proper gaps and now all the boards have expanded and are pushing up on the ends. We picture framed them and the boards running perpendicular are cracking and buckling.

What a mess.


12:42PM | 05/25/22
so i'm the bv026825 that posted 04/19 --

i got on the phone w/timbertech rep and ripped him a new ***hole -- they agreed to refund "part" of our money BUT i'm saying you have to get tough w/them; just got 1st check yesterday -- keep plugging away; they want to wear you down so you just give up. i say NEVER GIVE UP !!!

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