02:14PM | 06/07/11
Member Since: 06/07/11
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I agree that the company should be responsible for this yearly remedy if it is the only way or to pay for replacing the deck with materials that do not fade. I will see what they will do and let you know.

yvonne amato

09:00AM | 07/05/11
Member Since: 07/05/11
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I also had Timbertech XLM installed 2 years ago and it is definitely turning a chaulky white color and with black spots. (I also had it initially installed in 2009, and they reimbursed me after it started turning so quickly). They said the early lots were defected....So, I trusted their word and had it reinstalled (they reimbursed), however, I'm having the same issues!!! They clearly must have known about these defects. I FULLY support a class action lawsuit against Timbertech. We should not have to pay for reinstallation/labor and materials!!
Folks, reply to the email thread directly below and let's pursue this. Regardless, I intend on pursuing this legally if they don't reimburse for all.


12:43AM | 07/24/11
Member Since: 07/24/11
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Add me to the list. I had Timbertech XLM (Desert Bronze)installed two years ago and most of it is white. I am very unhappy and would like to know the best route to take to remedy this. I paid a contractor big $$ to build this for me. Thanks.


10:52AM | 07/25/11
Member Since: 07/25/11
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We are having the SAME problems with TimberTech Desert Bronze. Installed March 2010. Now turning white! Our contractor company is now out of business - but fellow who actually did the work is available. Supply company said they have heard of the problem too and to contact TimberTech. I did, & filled out all the claim papers and supplied invoices etc. and pictures. Called the Claims Administrator - who acts 'surprised' to hear of the problem - but then says ' well yes ' - they are surprised it is happening - because they test all products so carefully!!! (Huh, I see blogs discussing that it happened on OTHER colors as well.) They haven't done anything yet - but she said they have been sending some sort of liquid (dye?) product that can 'restore' the color?? I said - 'it's PLASTIC' - you can't dye it - and besides, this was a 'grooved multi-tone product' - a dye will make it one shade, probably not even coloring - and WE have to keep doing this and buy the material - for a WARRANTIED NO MAINTENANCE deck! I have been searching for others. I see a 'class action' site you mentioned - and tried to get there - but it just brings you to - NOT the classaction link you typed in. Any suggestions? Their parent company is Crane Group, who in 2007 put an Umbrella Company called Crane Bldg. Products over TimberTech. Would have to name all of them in any suite. Please reply ? ALB PA


11:35AM | 07/25/11
Member Since: 07/25/11
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Above is my post. I cannot find the class action site you posted at Your link doesn't take you there - and Yahoo search doesn't show anything either. Do you know if a Class Action suite was started? Thanks for a reply.


12:44PM | 07/25/11
Member Since: 07/25/11
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We are experiencing the same problems with the Desert Bronze installed during the summer of 2009.
A friend began to have the same problems last year and this spring treated the deck with a cleaner that TT sent. Now their deck is black. Our deck is primarily shaded with a partial roof, but some areas experience direct sun exposure and have started to chalk.
Given the history of problems with this material, it appears that TT knowingly sold a defective product.
I called TT and initiated a claim and request for an onsite inspection of one large multi-level deck and a smaller deck and a balcony. The service rep did ask about the condition of the Radiance rail system. So far, it's not bad, but it does show a little fading. We'll see what kind of response I receive.


08:43PM | 02/05/12
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I fully support a class action suit against Timbertech. There is no excuse for a failure of such an extent for their product. I definitely think you have a legitimate case against them, and they should be made to pay for the damages or restoration of the floors. That is the minimum that the company should do.
Best Regards,
Mark Richards


08:22PM | 03/20/12
Member Since: 03/20/12
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I called TimberTech BEFORE I had my contractor purchase XLM in Desert Bronze for my deck because prior to installation in 2010, I read about problems with fading/white haze. I was told by TimberTech representative that fading was no longer an issue, as there were only some problems with previous materials that were manufactured, and the problem had been corrected. The rep assured me that if I bought it I would not have that problem. I was also told not to have anything plastic directly on the boards (furniture, etc) because that could cause spotting (white marks). So, after speaking to their rep, I did purchase their product. We enclosed the area from bottom of deck to ground with timber tech, installed their top of the line railing system, and also installed a roof over the deck. Now - just under two years after it was installed - the perimeter of the deck floor boards are faded, the steps are faded, and a good bit of the area enclosing the deck is faded. The part of the deck/porch that is protected from the sun by the roof looks great - but any of the material exposed to the sun is faded to a chalk white haze! I'm not happy about this, but just noticed it today, and will have to contact TimberTech tomorrow to address the issue with them. Depending on the outcome - I may be posting here again.


10:41AM | 07/30/12
Member Since: 07/30/12
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I have been trying to get timbertech to stand behind there product for the past year. 70-80% of my deck has turned white. Hey sent me decimated product and said someone would contact me to apply the product. Never heard from anyone. Still waiting. When I try calling timbertech representative I find his voicemail is full. I Sissy I had stayed with wood. At least discoloration had a simple fix. I am looking to join a class action lawsuit. I've had enough already.
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