06:56PM | 07/02/01
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My mother is having a home built, as it is not in city limits, no codes apply. Question, I noticed that the sink installed in shop area had a vent that went into attic and stopped. It did not go through the roof. My mother was told that this was acceptable by builder, I have never seen this before. Is this alright or not.

Jay J

05:24AM | 07/03/01
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Hi boonada,

Oh my, no codes apply - at all??! That's terrible! For starters, I'd have her consider having the home Inspected by at least a New Home Inspector (yes, a New Home Inspector) that's ASHI-Approved. For a SMALL fee (which is a LOT cheaper then the Retainer Fee for a Lawyer, or her first repair/retro-fit), they'll visit the home at various stages of completion. Assuming the home is already built, he can do just a New Home Inspection. Don't just hire ANY ol' Inspector. These days, (nothing against Teachers), a Basketweaving Teacher can become a 'Home Inspector' via one of those Study-At-Home schools. (Good Grief!!!)

Heck, if she can't afford the fee (for probably $300, give or take), PAY IT FOR HER. Like I said, she'll pay a WHOLE heck of a lot more if she ends up needing a Lawyer or having something fixed.

Now, to answer your question, I don't know if it's OK. I would BELIEVE it's OK since it's just a breather. (If you told me the vent was from a Bathroom Fan, THAT'S a different story.) If no one replies here, just go visit ANY Municipal Inspector, and ask. (He may say it's not OK for code but he MAY say it's 'harmless'.) You can even visit your local Home Center Store and ask someone (preferably a couple of folks) in the Plumbing Aisle. And better yet, visit a local Plumbing Supply House (which are found in the YELLOW PAGES under PLUMBING - SUPPLIES.)

Stay tuned, and come back to let 'us' know what you find out. My best to ya and hope this helps.

Jay J -Moderator

PS: SOrry for the lecture (of sorts.) I'm just trying to look out for ya since no one (an Inspector) else is ...


06:10AM | 07/03/01
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Where I live, the COUNTY has building codes, requires permits, and does inspections. Are there none where you are??? Didn't anybody have to issue a building permit?
To other posters: is this common? What's it like in your area?

Jay J

08:10AM | 07/03/01
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Hey rpxlpx,

There are codes in my county. However, my ENTIRE county is incorporated. I use to live in Ft. Collins, CO where the entire county wasn't incorporated. There, Ft. Collins is in Larimer County BUT the county is MUCH bigger than Ft. Collins. Hence, if you lived in Larimer County, but NOT in Ft. Collins, you were considered to be living in the county; not the city (of Ft. Collins, or whatever.) I guess it seems that just because you have a city/town 'associated' with your mailing address, you're not necessarily living 'in the city' (or 'in any city' for that matter.)

I guess the laws can be different based on how the jurisdiction is set up. I will say it was a LONG time ago that I lived there, so I don't know how they handle/handled building codes (in particular.) Today, it all may be a different story. BUT, I will say that back then, you could sell/buy fireworks in Larimer County as long as you WEREN'T inside the City Limits (of Ft. Collins) which is in Larimer County as well. (Watch those 'borders'.)

I'll be listening here ...

Jay J -Moderator


06:56PM | 07/07/01
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No it isn't alright to stop the vent in the attic, it should go through the roof unless you want sewer gasses inside the house.


09:59AM | 07/16/01
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I appreciate the help from all who have replied. A home inspector is on the way.


09:54AM | 07/23/01
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OFIC is correct. The vent system often ultimately connects to your sewer system so as to vent the toilets as well as the sinks. All vents should go through the roof so that sewer gas escapes harmlessly into the air on the roof.


06:29PM | 07/31/01
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Just got report from inspector and numerous problems were noted. Sill not secured to foundation, Insufficient beam support for roof. Attic venting insufficient. Sink not vented properly. lumber used in attic ainstalled with black mold on it. That's just to name a few . All advice is appreciated thank you all


03:49PM | 11/17/01
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NO it is NOT alright!!! Sewer gas is Methane and is highly flammable. Did you ever look at your local sewer treatment plant? The pipe that goes high into the air and has a flame at the top? Take the builder or the "plumber" and have them drawn and quartered. This situation is not acceptable. Get your jurisdictional housing inspecter involved.
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