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01:48PM | 10/12/01
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Have city sewer and water from my kitchen sink runs fine and also my tub in the same bathroom is fine and then there is another bathroom with a sink, shower and toilet and they all drain just fine...but this toilet does not drain right...if i plunge it it will work for a day or two...what do i need to look for that would be causing this?

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03:19PM | 10/12/01
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There are several things to consider, First do you have young children? Kids love to flush things, it could be that something has caught on the toilet's drain causing it to plug. If you use a plunger on it the paper will be forced passed it to let the water drain and the toilet will work for awhile, until someone uses a lot of paper.
Another thing could be an obstruction in the drain pipe itself. Or the toilet may not let enough water through to carry the waste away, this happens in older toilets where people have put bricks in them to limit water use, the bricks break down in the water, and fill the water supply that rinses the bowl.
First turn off the water supply to the toilet, flush it, use a turkey baster to remove the rest of the water from the bowl. Now put your fingers in the drain, find anything? if not then you have to pull the toilet, look for something caught inside the drain in the base of the toilet. If nothing then you need to snake the drain pipe in the floor.
Purchase a new wax ring and toilet bolts when you go to replace the toilet.


07:49PM | 10/12/01
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Thank you for your there are no kids in the house that is not a worry i will try as you have advised and let you know what i find...
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