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06:48AM | 01/13/02
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I have a three level house. When I run water in the top floor bathroom sink and then turn the flow off, the drain gurgles a couple of times.

I have two full baths on the top floor, a half bath and kitchen (w/dishwasher) on the middle, and a laundry sink and clothes washer in the basement.

All have "P" traps, all are used daily so that water stays in tne "P" traps.

This sound just started happening about 4 months ago, and ONLY in one of the bathrooms on the top floor. The house just turned 3 years old.

I imagine that all the plumbing is vented in the same pipe? Is the vent pipe clogged? If so, wouldn't all of them make noise?

I've tried the chemical cleaner in the sink thinking a "hair clog"....but no dice.

I'd love any suggestions!
Thanks, Kim


10:55PM | 01/13/02
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Dear Kim,
It may be that the overflow "hole" in your basin is clogged. This also acts as a kind of vent to let the basin drain easier. Remove the P-trap and the assembly above it to clean or simply have someone cover the hole with a rag in a plastic bag and use a plunger to shake up whatever is in there. Please, stay away from the common draincleaners on the shelf. They may alleviate the problem, but tend to cause more problems later by "cooking" the clog and making it harder. I had one lady swear that coffee grounds kept her drain clean. When her sink clogged, she poured all kinds of drain cleaners down the hole to try and unclog it. The result was removal and replacement of 6" of drain line. I couldn't move the mess with a hammer and chisel. However, it does sound to me that your overflow is clogged.
Let me know,


04:35AM | 05/20/15
This only started after hubby cleaned the grunge out of the bathroom sink. There was hardly any cause as there was no problem but he did it anyway. Afterwards and since there's been a gurgling noise after using basin taps. Only in the one sink, no where else. Please advise. Thanks

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