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07:51AM | 12/22/03
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i've have a concrete foundation .i. want to put in a 9x7 garage door & a 3'door(pre frame/pre hung). how close do i put my 2x4 framing for the 3' door.also how about the garage door how close. also should i use 2x4 or 2x6 framing for the garage door? i'm not sure about headers for garage door either.what size lumber to use. all other framing will be 2x4's on 16" centers


02:47AM | 12/24/03
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Check the doors you are going to install. They will have a rough opening specified.
Generally a 30 inch door requires a 32 inch opening.


04:24AM | 12/26/03
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Alot of carpenters will just frame a wall with 2x4's on center at 16 inches then go back after the wall is up and cut out for the walk-in door, or windows. They find it easier to work with after it is up. Leave yourself 2 inches for the standard prehung door frame, that will give half inch clearance on both sides to square up the door in the opening.

They also just use 2x12 headers because a 2x12 is the correct spacing for the header above the door. You could use a 2x8 header but then you have to measure where it goes.

For the garage door, just measure it out while building the wall.


01:43PM | 12/27/03
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Hope I am not stepping on hogamens toes too hard butr I have never seen carpenters put in opennings after framing the walls up like he mentions in my 33 years of building. Weekend wariors maybe, but not professional carpenters.

normal for swing doors is 2-1/2" over nominal width and height.

Frame the garage door at the nominal size of 9x7. Use 2x4 with a double jack under each end of the header. Header size depends on what it is supporting. Your roof might not bear on this wall the garage door is in, but if it does, the generall rule of thumb for opennings is to use a double 2x6 for up to six foot openning, 2x8 for 8', 2x10 for ten foot, etc.
So if you are using an eight foot tall wall, a doubled 2x10 will be just right after you alow three inches for the double top plate and have a 9.25" 2x10. That leaves an openning of 6'11.75" before trimming out the door.


07:30AM | 09/21/20
wooden 2x4 floor,should u double the outside wall before u put the floor on

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