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08:36AM | 10/16/02
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I have the typical symptoms of a leaky diverter valve: when I pull up on it, half the water still comes out out of my tub spout. I thought it was a leaky diverter valve, so I bought a new spout with diverter last night and installed it. The problem still remains!

Please help me. I have no idea what to do next. The shower head seems to be okay, as the water that does reach it comes out fine. But, as you can imagine, the pressure isn't that great.

Thanks in advance for your help! We are having overnight guests this weekend (my in-laws), and it would be great if I could fix this before then.


01:52PM | 10/16/02
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Usually, you have to replace the entire spout/diverter assembly. This is not difficult but there are several types so you need to remove yours first & take it to the hardware store to match it. Check under the spout to see if there is any set screw (usually not but some may have). If there, remove it. Then you need a stout wooden dowel just large enough to insert into the end of the spout and short enough to not hit the tub. Use it as a lever to unscrew the spout. When replaceing new one, be sure to use some plumbing tape on threads to prevent leaks.


02:29PM | 10/16/02
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Thanks, I already tried that, though. I removed the entire spout and replaced with a new one (spout including diverter). I also used the tape as you told me. Same problem. Water still comes out the shower and the tub spout.


06:41AM | 10/17/02
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Sounds like the valve itself may have a blockage on the shower side, or further up towards the shower head. If it cant get full flow it can push past the diverter valve. The only thing that keeps a diverter valve up is water pressure, as soon as the pressure is released the valve opens. I think whats happening is not enough water can get through the shower head and the excess is blowing past the diverter. Take the shower head off and try it and see if there is any change.


11:38AM | 10/17/02
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Thanks for your advice. I went home and tried to replace the tub spout again (with the same one that didn't work earlier), and for some reason, it works now. Not sure what I did wrong earlier. Let's hope it stays working.

Thanks again!

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