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04:17AM | 02/21/03
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Please Help me. I just installed a brand new
Electric Hot Water Heater. But, I still do not receive enough hot water for even 2 showers. (this was the same problem with the old hot water heater). What else could be the problem? Electrical? Where should I look?

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01:57AM | 02/23/03
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Sounds like a pipeing problem to me. Check to see if any of your pipes are galvanized steel pipes, they may be in need of replacement.


04:45AM | 02/24/03
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You may have the upper thermostat set at a higher temp than the lower. The lower should be set slightly higher than the upper, so that the lower is the one doing the heating.

Only one of the 2 heating elements works at a time. The upper thermostat runs the upper heater, the lower one runs the lower. If the upper one is set higher, thereby keeping the lower one from turning on, you will have very limited hot water.

Come to think of it -- did you set them at all? They may have come set at the lowest setting. You might try setting the upper at 120 and the lower at 125 degrees.


09:32AM | 02/27/03
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Still no luck. We tried to change the temperature levels on both the upper & lower heating elements. We've also replaced the upper thermostat. Again, this is a brand new 50 gallon hot water heater, not even 1 week old. We should have enough hot water for 2 showers, right? Any other suggestions?


11:14AM | 02/27/03
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Did you fill the tank before turning the power back on? If power is supplied to the elements before they are submersed in water then they will blow within seconds. If you have an ohmeter you can test them without removing them.


09:59AM | 03/10/03
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do you have a mixing valve in the house? or somthing may be crossing over such as a clothes washer valve, (hot and cold mix)


09:05AM | 03/11/03
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When you say "I still do not have enough..." this suggests to me that you had the same problem before getting the new heater.
True? If so, then the problem must not be in the water heater.
Here's a question: when you run low on hot water from trying to take 2 showers, do the sinks still get hot water? If they do, then the problem might be more related to the shower than the water heater. Do you have more than one shower in the house? If so, do they both act the same way?


09:44AM | 04/16/03
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Hi abfox

I never bother to post to bulletin boards but these other guys are not giving you any good information :-)
Most of the time 2 showers from a 40 gallon tank is pushing your luck. There are different things that can effect how long your hot water will last, but I would bet money that if you replace your shower head to a low flow type you will get 2 showers before running out.
I used to service hot water heaters and yours is the most common problem.

erik peterson

12:32PM | 06/25/03
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The first thing I would check is the power source, clearly this was a problem before the heater was changed and continued after the new heater was installed. Electrician in the house? erik


07:57PM | 01/12/15
Just installed a brand new water heater. We have no hot water. I have bled the lines and still no hot water. What went wrong?


09:56PM | 11/25/17
Change the breaker


01:47AM | 04/13/18
My Rinnai x2 wasn't working on my new house very well either. It would give about 1.5 minutes of warm followed by cold. Turn water off for 20 seconds then back on for 30 seconds of cold water followed by only 30 seconds of warm. I tried the tub and both shower heads at the same time to see if flow was the problem. someone suggested the gas line was too small at 3/4 inch for two units when a gas stove and fireplace.

Nonsense, it was simply the plug on the condensate line. It was filling up with condensation and triggering the stop switch until it drained some. Pulling off the simple plastic plug fixed it. my plumber was a complete idiot.


08:14PM | 11/12/18
Same problem, gas water heater. Contractor shut off water to put new piping in shower. Fixtures not installed yet, waiting on tiling. Turned water back on, minute and a half of warm, then cold. Thought it was the water heater, bought a new one. same problem.


05:11PM | 02/20/19
Pop off valve releasing small amounts of water when several things are on - what could it be? Please need HELP


06:30AM | 12/12/19
What to do replaced the water heater and still no hot water


09:41AM | 09/09/20
Need help also, had plenty of hot water with old unit, but it was leaking and old and had to be replaced, the new one doesn’t give hot water , only lukewarm. Tried everything, tested everything! Out of ideas


07:27PM | 11/30/20
Can someone tell me why my brand new water heater gets super hot and then after a few mins super cold then super hot etc


10:31AM | 12/28/20
I installed a brand new hot water heater our old money was just really old and we were remodeling the bathroom so there is brand new shower valve and new shower head the old hot water heater started acting funny so we decided to put a brand new 1 in and now we do not get hot water unless we are washing clothes outside and the washing machine and then we get hot hot water but as soon as the water is done with the washing machine it does not come out hot anymore it comes out warm but not hot and I have installed hundreds of hot water heaters and never had this happen and most of the pipes in our house have been replaced so it makes no sense to me and I have been trying and trying to figure this out but I can't wrap my head around it. Please help it is not an element problem it's not a wiring problem and it's not a pipe problem but still no hot water.


05:13PM | 01/25/21
I installed a new hot water heater and it takes at least 5 minutes for the water to get hot. How do I fix that?


09:35AM | 01/30/21

Just installed a brand new water heater. We have no hot still. This is a second new water heater, the first new water heater didn’t work; it gave us hat water, not very hot mind you, then by the end of the day it went warm and stayed that way, not hot, yes, we turned it up several times, than the last time we basically turned it completely up and no hot water so we had the store give us a replacement and that new replacement is the same, warmest but not hot water?!?!?!?
Any ideas?

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