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09:46AM | 05/25/03
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The plubming in our two story house has, in the last couple of days, began making a brief "moaning" noise when you turn the water off. It doesn't seem to make a difference whether you turn the water off abruptly or slowly, but when the water flow stops, you get the noise. Since the plumbing system hasn't been opened, e.g., no new fixtures installed or nothing changed, I don't know what's different. Any suggestions as to what's causing this? How would I repair/fix the problem?


erik peterson

07:11AM | 06/24/03
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Check the pressure regulator at the water service. erik


07:23AM | 08/17/03
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What do you mean check the pressure regulator? Check that it is there? Check that it is metal? Check that it exists in our dimension? Please, a little more detail. Thank you!

erik peterson

08:15AM | 08/17/03
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Your pressure regulator is most likely mal-functioning...its on the main water line coming into the house. Either replace it or have it repaired. (this device lowers higher city main pressure to a safe level for your house) Its common for the device to shudder or hum when the unit has failed. erik


10:26AM | 08/20/03
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I'm still experiencing a loud vbiration from my plumbing. I tracked the most offensive pipe down to the cold water pipe to the washing machine, but the whole system seems to be vibrating. The pipe to the washer just seems to be more susceptible to whatever is causing the vibration.

I saw on another post that someone mentioned adjusting the thumb, or setscrew, on the pressure regulator to decrease the water pressure. I assume the pressure regulator is the item colocated, or part of, the main water shutoff for the house? If it is, then in addition to the shutoff valve handle, there was as a thubmscrew on the side. It was totally screwed down. When I "unscrewed" it, I was met with a shower of water escaping under pressure from the thumbscrew. I quickly screwed it back in. What gives? What the heck did I just uncover??? Should it do that?


06:06AM | 11/22/07
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Hey, the advise I got here was fantastic. My house had bee moaning for a few months and was frustrated and just could not figure out what was wrong. I put the gauge on the house, Pressure was 140 psi. Installed a new Pressure Reduction Valve and the house is once more quiet. Thanks


02:56PM | 10/13/16
A simple thing to check.

Disconnect all your outdoor water hoses (and make sure their taps are closed!)

Noise gone? Here's why:

If any hose is turned off at the hose end nozzle and the tap is on even a teeny bit, the hose acts like a large pressurized balloon... and every time you turn a tap off ANYWHERE,it is similar to tapping a tightly inflated balloon! Propagates through all your pipes.

If this was the cause and you'd called a plumber... you'd feel silly and poorer!


09:40PM | 11/11/16
The outdoor hose thing did the trick. Thank you so much for posting your reply!


06:26PM | 04/26/17
Another thanks for the tip on the outdoor house. That did the trick for me also.


09:47AM | 06/26/17
Yes, the outdoor hose was the culprit. Easy fix! Thank you for the hint!


12:06AM | 09/20/17
Ditto on the hose tip -- was the culprit here too!


01:16PM | 03/21/18
It was the outside water tap left on after I had the windows washed. This post saved me a service call.


07:39PM | 04/11/18
Yep,...saved me a service call also, outside faucet left on after washing trash cans and, noticed after taking shower when turning on the faucet inside the house, it made the moaning noise. thanks to this website saved me $$$$! Jeff


07:31PM | 06/08/18
Solved the problem by turning off the garden hose!

But thinking a little bit more: leaving the garden hose valve on by itself is not the whole problem. If the garden hose and/or washer is brand new, and the hose tightly connected to the valve, then the moaning noise might not manifested itself.

The noise will become more noticeable and more pronounced when the garden hose connection to the valve is loose, and/or the garden hose has deteriorated to the point of becoming a balloon itself.


05:00PM | 07/26/18
My kitchen faucet moans when I turn off the water and then turns back on all by itself.


05:09AM | 08/03/18
Hii Dear,

I think you need to check the pressure regulator at the water service.


07:12PM | 09/01/18
Thanks. That was it! Saved me the cost of calling a plumber.


02:00AM | 09/07/18
Outdoor hose was the culprit... thanks a ton.


02:55PM | 10/10/18
I read all of these and tried the easiest one first, unhooked both hoses and make sure faucets were off...IT WORKED!!!
Thank you so much!!!


11:22AM | 10/21/18
The hose recommendation saved me too! I didn't need to unhook my hose. I just turned off the faucet and the house stopped groaning.


08:58PM | 04/26/19
Wow, this post started 16yrs ago and the 2016 outdoor water hose post saved me also in 2019.


08:12AM | 06/29/19
We had figured out where the noise was coming from a few years back. But if you want your water to stay on outside for a motion detection sprinkler (to keep geese away) are you stuck with the noise????


02:56PM | 06/30/19
Just today we started hearing a humming sound in the walls. When we turn the tap on it disappears but as soon as we turn it off it’s comes back. It’s been getting louder and now at 5am it is pretty loud. Our water pressure is usually low, so don’t think it’s that. I did backwash the pool too far today and we have a self leveller so it has been filling back up again, but this has never caused this noise before. I also have an older toilet downstairs that fills up very slowly after a flush but again has never caused this noise before. Can someone help me here as I really don’t know where to start.


06:26PM | 08/01/19


09:13PM | 08/11/19
Omg. Thank you... my water hose was turned on which caused the resent groaning after I turn off the faucets or flush the toilets. Thank you so much saved me time and money from calling a plumber!!!


10:50AM | 09/30/19
This had been going on for a few weeks. It was driving my wife crazy. I couldn't figure it out. Did several things to try and fix, per on line suggestions suspecting bad ballcock issue with toilets. NOPE...found this site, followed the outside line idea...SUCCESS...THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH...SAVED ME OODLES OF BUCKS.

BOB was my first exposure to home repair and now that I have AN OLD HOUSE I am so thankful for the things you taught me. You are a blessing to us. Best of Luck and Thank You. Vince P.


10:36PM | 10/27/19
I have an anti-siphon valve attached to my hose bib to run a watering timer. The hose bib is open all the time with no noise but when the timer valve opens and water starts flowing it makes the loud humming. The anti-siphon/vaccum breaker is only about a year old - it’s a nice brass model. Do you think it’s just bad or there some other pressure issue?


01:31AM | 01/18/20
Is anyone still checking this post? I’m having the moaning pipes problem. Nothing has changed at my house - haven’t used the hose faucet in months, there’s not even a hose hooked up so I know that’s off. Today the water department was doing work in my neighborhood and my service was interrupted. I let the faucets run until the flow was normal again, but now the pipes are moaning when I turn the water off or flush the toilet.


05:20PM | 05/04/20
Outdoor water hose was the issue!!! Thank you to the person who originally posted that answer!


12:00AM | 05/26/20
Man, the last thing I wanted to do is call a plumber during quarantine. Yep, was the garden hose for me too


10:36AM | 06/19/20
This website and the post are ridiculously useful (even after 4 years). I had the same moaning problem and the culprit was the outdoor hose. Thanks for the tip and for saving me $$$


01:42AM | 07/16/20
Omg how much money have you saved us all with your outdoor water hose tip? BIG THANKS!


10:59AM | 07/20/20
I would have never guessed hose could do that, annoying noise is now gone, thank you.


09:14PM | 07/29/20
Thank you! It was the backyard hose!!! You saved me a headache and a service bill. This is an old thread that continues to be helpful.


12:32PM | 09/21/20
Amazing tip on the garden was the problem.

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