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10:23AM | 10/20/04
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The current scenario ( is ugly, rusty, and requires occasional maintenance to be effective.

The goal is a simple, pretty, rust-proof, maintenance-free solution.

The prize? A laminated certificate of engineering achievement placard placed by the drain in your honor, and my eternal gratitude. (I'll even email you a pic of the placard in place!)

Read on.

When it rains a lot, (and it's rained more here in the past few months than any other few-month period I can recall,) the small hole in the foundation from the old oil tank (used to be used for heating,) sends a little rivulet into my basement.

I came home from work during the first hurricane to find several of inches of water near the basement drain. ****. Then I pulled the pipe (diagram) out, and the water drained. Easy.

I knew the second hurricane was coming, so I removed the pipe. Rivulet of water came and went with little incident.

A few days ago, it rained all day and saturated the ground. Then, though there was only a "20% chance of showers" it rained cats and dogs last night. Rivulet returned, pipe was in the drain. Standing water ensued this morning.

So I plan to address the oil-tank hole as best I can in the spring. I need a solution until then, and in case I can't totally fix the problem in the spring.

Solution should:

1.-prevent gases (and water) from coming up through the drain

2.-allow for a similar pipe to accept a few drain-pipes (might add a sink in the basement)

3.-allow for "regular" non-pipe drainage w/out removal of said pipe

4.-not entail excessive digging or removal of the concrete floor

5.-not rust

I can't leave the drain open, because a nasty ass smell can pervade the house – and the GF sometimes forgets to put the pipe in when she does laundry (yes I’m lucky) and the whole-house humidifier drains into the pipe too.

I have a couple of ideas, but if you can think of anything, or need more fun diagrams, let me know.

Official rules:

If winning solution is a collaborative effort, individuals split prizes, except for my gratitude, as there'll be enough of that to go around.

I'm going back to my stinky, wet basement.



12:57PM | 10/20/04
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First a small correction to your link:

Second a question: What is the rusty flange connected to? Is this a sanitary drain or some kind of drain to a dry-well? My initial reactionis to add a trap to the vertical drain pipe as close as possible to the floor and tie the drains to a Tee connector that empties into the drain, and equip the top of the tee with 1-1/2" vent pipe to to evacuate gases to outside.

Now, how to connect the ABS pipe to the drain flange, and what is this drain anyway?


08:59PM | 10/20/04
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Thanks for the link correction. Must've not parsed right with the ()

The rusty flange is in the concrete floor. The pipe goes in it. I'm not really sure what's preventing the pipe from falling in though, as I've not gotten my nose that close lately.

In these here parts, there's not much in the way of zoning. The toilets are septic, and the rest of the drains, AFAIK, drain directly into the nearby creek. So this can be considered a groundwater drain, though it's truly (and necessarily) multi-purpose.

I can't just add a trap above the floor, as I need for water to be able to drain into it AT floor level. Or were you suggesting one below?

The vent pipe wouldn't work either, as this drain is in the middle of the basement. Also, why would I need a vent if there's a trap?

There's no ABS pipe in the current setup. It's all metal. I will certainly install a new flange-ish device, regardless of the solution.

Also, what do you mean by "what is this drain?"


09:22PM | 10/21/04
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Posted the challenge to a list-serve I'm on. The following diagram outlines the proposed solution.

Looking for feedback.



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