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10:03AM | 11/21/04
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Bought older home 2 years ago....first winter alarm from septic goes off, and it costs $200.00 per visit to thaw. Finally $1,500.00 later, company to insulates pipes in road. Lateral runs uphill. Alarm still going off! Pump company repairs pump, this is another $1,500.00! Guess what, yup, alarm going off!

When pump was removed and repaired, the repair man said it had been working, but it did need a new part. Now my husband looked down and can see and smell liquid in tank.

Can not afford to pay again, cannot afford not can we fix this problem. This money pit is draining us!


12:35PM | 11/21/04
You are mentioning some unusual characteristics for a septic system. What froze? Was your tank full and a shallow house line froze? You insulated pipes in a road? A lateral runs uphill? What pump was repaired? Your post topic mentions a grinder pump. Where is this located.

You should see liquid in a septic tank. You may have a special system. Your environmental health department may be able to help you understand what is occuring.


01:36PM | 11/21/04
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This happens during the winter right? what kind of receiver does it emty into? How long is the line from the pump to the discharge point? Is this pump located before or after the septic tank? What is this road it goes across? Also how is the alarm float set?? If it is at a level before the pump is set to kick in, it will go off before the pump starts. Who serviced this anyway?? And when was the last time it was supposedly fixed, Has it been the same company or different companies?? Let me know C.

erik peterson

03:02PM | 11/21/04
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What you have is a "sewage-ejector pump", these have a "macerator" built into them and after grinding the solids it forces the "effluent" upwards into the drain line to flow out to the sewer....hire a pump professional as many plumbers do not have exper. with these systems. erik


03:17PM | 11/21/04
While I think I usually agree with Erik I certinly place SE's in the plumbers area not pump people. We do have a high water alarm system available and they are required on commercial units, that would not address insulating pipes under the road. And these ejectors are more like in the $500.00 range. $1500.00 to fix one seems extreme. I will be curious to receive more information on what this system is. We have special systems on septics where the ground does perculate or the field is too small. I'm guessing it's one of those.

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