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09:23AM | 12/28/04
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I recently bought a home and believe the bathtub faucets are original. the hot water was leaking so I decided to fix it. I finally figured out how to remove the trim piece (who knew it would just be screwed on?) and it seems the packing nut came off with it. I can't get the packing nut off the trim piece.

the more i work on this project the more i wonder if I'll even be able to find replacement parts. I think i'm going ot have to just replace the entire stem assembly (previous owner seemed to turn water on and off with a wrench, stem is completely stripped and handle will no longer attach)...

so, now that i have the trim piece off and the packing nut removed, i think what i'm seeing is the retaining nut? there is a piece of some sort, flush with the wall, covered in caulk through which the stem passes but there is room between the stem and this this the retaining nut or is the retaining nut back inside the wall? i guess i should point out that the previous owner obviously fancied himself a do-it-yourselfer....and thought this meant covering the entire back of the faucent assembly in some sort of flexible silicone stuff that is impossible to remove...

why can't it just look exactly like the pictures on the internet?????

my original plan was to take it apart, take the pieces to a hardware store and say "i need to fix this"...

any other advice would be greatly appreciated!


06:37PM | 12/28/04
You're still on a good plan. The packing nut needs to come off the trim if you're going to reuse the trim. If you buy a new stem then it will have a new packing nut. You need to cut away the caulking. There is no locking nut. The next part is the stem body. You need a set of tub wrenches to remove this and the packing nut. They're only about 15 dollars. Careful when you remove the stem. There is a gasket on the end or it may still be on the faucet body. You must have this gasket or it will leak.

Also check the seats with a flashlight and flat screwdriver. You want to be sure the seat is still flat or the washers will just tear up. Most seats can also be replaced. The center of the seat is probably square or hex. There is a set of seat wrenches to remove them.

**********'s web site has 60 pages of faucet part pictures. You could probably identify your brand from the handle pictures in case you needed to buy new escutcheons.


07:00AM | 01/03/05
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neither is the nut holding the stem in place. unless i'm looking at the wrong thing, which is completely possible. the nut i see when i look at my trimless stem is sunk into the wall surrounded by cault and just has serrated edges.

also, the site seems to have blocked out the webpage you tried to give me. if possible could you email it to



08:27AM | 01/03/05
Sorry I gave a wrong address. I am still communication challenged on these machines although I love them. I prefer to communicate through this site so that others can contribute on problems that we may not all clearly understand the same.

I encourage you to take a box knife and cut the silicone out so that you can see back into the wall and the valve. If you have a serrated edge then that is more like the newer (last 20 years) delex faucets with a round stem body. Do you have plastic stems that are quarter turn? If so this faucet should be easier to fix. Can you turn the round serrated edge to the left and remove the stem? You may have to enlarge the wall opening for access. Not larger than what the escutcheon will cover however.


06:36PM | 01/09/21
How do you get the nut that holds a delta bathtub single handle cartridge in place it has been in the faucet since the house was built in 2001

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