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04:54PM | 12/29/04
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I am just out of ideas here and hope someone can give me some help. I have a single lever shower faucet that started literally turning itself on. So my husband and I removed the lever assembly and pulled the cartridge out (this is a Moen) went down to the hardware store to get the replacement only to find we had basically broke the cartridge in two pieces. The clerk sold us a removal tool which is supposed to remove the outer brass sleeve which in now lodged in the fitting. That sucker won't budge, not at all. I have used CLR to try to break down the calcium deposits, greased it up, and no matter what I do that baby won't budge. As a matter of fact at one point the removal tool broke loose and I thought I had it, just to find out the removal tool lost its hold! This cartridge is an old Moen 1200 (I think) with a brass outer fitting on the cartridge which in therory should come out with the center of the cartridge (Ha, fat chance on that!) Anyway, is there any other way to get this thing out? Will a plumber have a removal tool that can actually remove the brass outer portion of this cartridge or is this fitting going to have to be removed and replaced. Any ideas are appreciated.


05:23PM | 12/29/04
No Biggie. The Moen's go decades without needing repair so when they do they can be a challenge. The Moen tool is about $50.00 but there are copies for $15.00 that will sometimes work.

The cartridge must turn before pulling out. However that is not what happened in this case. The brass does seize up on the brass. I use a 1/2" nipple easy out. The spiral one. Put it in and make the outer part of the cartridge turn. Keep turning and squirting lubricant until it gets easy and then pull it out.

It's best to get a real Moen cartridge. About $20.00. There are copies by other manufacturers for around $15.00 but they don't always work.

In extreme cases some plumbers will heat the outside of the valve cartridge body. I have not had to do it but it is an option.

Another plumber uses a drill but it's hard to control and in plumbing, things can always get worse.


11:13PM | 08/26/18
when I was pulling on cartride stem it broke no where to grab on to now how do i get it out


06:05PM | 04/05/19
How did you fix this? Did you need a plumber? I’m in the same boat


01:43AM | 08/16/19
Same here help


01:43AM | 08/16/19


01:44AM | 08/16/19
Help me please


01:36PM | 04/03/20
Help me too!


01:32AM | 06/24/20
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I tried removing Moen cartridge,and brass stem broke to short to grab. I tried drilling a hole in old cartridge and inserting a screw to pull out old cartridge. Needless to say that did not work. That just broke the plastic around the cartridge, making the problem worse. HELP!!!!!!!


12:15PM | 08/05/20
I was for this type of faucet and cartridge that came apart, I was able use a dental tool that I had to reach in the middle and pull it out. Any small hook like object should do it. Hope this helps someone.

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