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08:47AM | 02/06/05
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This morning after the dishwasher finished running normally, we no longer have any water

pressure in the kitchen sink or dishwasher.

After checking the on/off valves and leaving the tap on for over a minute, there is a slow dripping trickle of cold water.

We to have a secondary purified water tap at the sink and it is SLOWLY filling, but runs out of pressure after 10 seconds.

When checking the dishwasher it is the same, after a minute only a trickle.

We checked the other water sources in the house, and all the others have standard pressure.

Any advice would be helpful


02:14PM | 02/06/05
A little unusual for both the hot and cold branches supplying fixtures to clog at the same time. If the hot supplying both the dishwasher and the kitchen faucet is clogged then the clog is in or before that tee. This would be unlikely unless you have steel piping. It sounds like the same situation on the cold water line that supplies both the water purifier and the kitchen sink. Are they on separate lines from an above the floor tee?


07:46PM | 02/06/05
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I found a clog in the dishwasher and cleared it. Dishwasher is running fine.

The water purifier off the cold water line is filling quicker now but still slow.

After working under the sink and checking the screens on the tap, I think the clog is in the T connector at the tap.

When I get time tomorrow I will try to find directions for removing the tap hardware,

Any suggestions for cleaning valves?

Or would it just be easier to get new hardware?


10:58AM | 02/07/05
I would not think you need new valves. Do you have a single handle or two handle faucet? You seem to be on the right track. If you do have a Delta single lever be careful removing the dome cap under the lever. Sometimes they will twist the pipes underneath.


05:51PM | 02/07/05
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The tap hardware is a two handled gooseneck tap. It looks to be a Kholer knockoff.

[We just bought the place aand it is a big fix-up job.]


06:04PM | 02/07/05
Remove your gooseneck spout. Often the debris collects at that diverter connection. Especially if you have a sprayer. If that does not clear it then, you remove a handle, shut off the water to that side, remove the bonnet nut and remove the cartridge. There may be something in the rubber seats.

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