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06:13AM | 04/19/05
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I have a problem with commodes and drains. When I flush the commodes, the water backs up into the tub and shower stall. We have flushed out the drains and poured liquid plumber into the drains. That temporarily fixed it for a couple of days but it is now back to doing the same thing. Also at times when I wash clothes the water backs up into the kitchen sink. Is this caused by the vents being clogged or something else?


11:43AM | 04/19/05
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There are many plumbing problems that can easily be repaired with a little knowledge and some elbow grease. Chronic drain backups are not in that catagory. You have a blockage that could be a broken pipe, roots, or a foreign object. Liquid plumber will not clear blocked drains and is, at best, a temporary patch ..... temporary as in "one day". Consider biting the bullet and hiring a plumber. They can determine the cause and have the proper equipment to actally clear or repair the pipes. Liquid plumber is literally "money down the drain" and more guaranteed cleanups in the future.



06:52AM | 04/20/05
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If septic it could be past due time to have the tank pumped and your drain field may have already been filled/choked with solid matter.

If city sewer, you could have a tree-root invasion of your drain line and/or some other obstruction/colapse.

Sounds like rooter type and/or pumping time and if necessary a camera visualation of the area. somewhere in your main stack system there should be a clean out access. May be time to investigate that.

Also the waste VENT could be obstructed...a clog could have backed up OR perhaps a birds nest/bee/wasp nest or debris is cloging the outlet for the air to escape when the water needs to displace it to "run down hill". Does your waste vent (where it penatrates the roof) have a "hat" on it?

When investigating be sure to use ladder safety and beware of bees/wasp stings.


07:06AM | 04/20/05
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You probably have a main line clog. This is typically unaffected by draino. Draino will remove the grease that is filling in the gaps in the blockage, but if its tree roots, draino is not strong enough to clear them from the main. When everything in your house is slow, that generally means you need to have someone run your main line. Often times, trees have sent their roots into the piping, then they fill up the pipe with tap roots to draw the nutrients and water source out of the pipe. The real problem is, even though you might clean out the roots, the main feed is still in the joint. A drain snake will only clear the hairlike fibers from the interior of the drain, but the hub that connects the pipes together cannot be cleared and that is where the largest root is. It makes it real easy for the tree to send new roots into the pipe in the fall. You can either clean it every year, have the line camera'd (with a fiber optic camera) or have the line relined with a fiberglass liner. Once roots get into a line, you can kill them back a short distance with a Root destroyer, but they will always grow back, because its an easy source of water and nutrients.

Once the line is cleaned, I would suggest a camera though, then you can know for sure when you are going to have to do any additional work. A camera will show you the condition of the pipe, if there are any breaks allowing the infiltration of roots and debris, and if there are any low spots which cause some backups.

Good Luck

Ray VinZant Plumbing Prof.


11:18AM | 04/23/05
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Didn't I cover that in my earlier reply Ray?

doug seibert

11:54AM | 04/23/05
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Ray's reply was within a few minutes of your posting.........he was composing his at the same time you posted.........Relax......


11:58AM | 04/23/05
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I was merely asking RAY if I had covered that issue sufficiently in MY post, as I had also addressed the possibility of the OP having a septic system.

Cool it Doug, I have found Ray's replies quite thorough and wanted HIS input as to the completeness of MY response. Chill fella!

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