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05:08PM | 02/14/06
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The problem i'm having is that when i flush my toilet all that it does is fill to the top with water{never overflowing},then it slowly drains out,this problem just started

Jim D

10:27PM | 02/14/06
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Phoneman377 - hi, the likely cause is your vent is plugged (from snow, leaves, bird nest, etc.). I'll assume you don't have anyone in the house who's dropped something non-flushable into the toilet and tried to flush it anyway...

If you just got a good helping of snow like we did in Northern Maryland, your vent that exits the house through the roof may have become clogged. You'll need to get up onto the roof and check the vent. It's typically a straight pipe coming through the roof, not far from where your bathroom is located, and doesn't have any type of cap or screening over it; you'll also probably be able to smell some sewer gas coming from it. (If it was totally blocked, I think you'd see problems with sinks and bathtubs/showers.) I've used a plumber's snake to clear these vent pipes before when I've experienced the problem you've described. (I'm not a plumber...just a DIYer who's learned by doing and by talking with others...)

Post back and let us know if this works, or what else you find. Good luck! Jim D/West Point, VA


11:53AM | 04/18/10
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Jim D./West Point, VA,

That IS my problem. I'm a first time homeowner in my mid fifties. I know that I need to get up there and unclog the vent and I don't expect a real problem finding it. But, dumb question: where does the vent go? How many feet of snake do I need? It won't empty into my crawl space will it? Really need to resolve this as the sewer gas is getting very tiring in my bathroom. I have Siberian Elms outside that I'm sure have dropped enough leaves to clog it up. Ms. Bobbi

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