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11:44AM | 03/11/07
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I have searched and real a lot about this. But After checking I think all the valves and aerators, simple stuff and such, I still have low water pressure throughout my house. Its been like this for over a year maybe more. Finally I called a plumber.

He nad no clue. Checked my pressure and told me it was 100psi!! He looked around my house some more and changed a dirty aerator out. Told me my pressure reducing valve is shot due to my HIGH pressure. I dont have a leak under the slab either. He was boggled.... charged me $90 and wanted to charge me $275 to change the PRV out. He said it probably wouldnt fix my problem at all either. So I said no Thanks and to him to leave.

Im really frustrated. Tired of being ripped off. Just trying to figure this out. I cant run a hose and shower at the same time, or 2 showers, laundery and dishes... nothing two together. All my nieghbors have plenty pressure. WHY is my pressure so low if its 100psi!! ??


11:58AM | 03/11/07
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Sounds like you have a low flow problem, not low pressure.

Where was the 100 psi measured at? Before or after the PRV?

Besides the PRV what else is there that all of the water flows through? A water softener? A whole house water filter?

There is a restriction some place in the system that is restricting flow.

It could be in the supply line from the street. What is the supply line made from? What is the age?

It could be in the meter or shut off valve(s).

It could be in the PRV.

It could be in the whole house filter/water softener.

If you have a hose bib connected when the supply comes into the house and before the PRV then measure the pressure there as you draw water in the house.

If the pressure stays high then there is a restriction after that point.


12:08PM | 03/11/07
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there is a hose that comes just after the PRV. It goes through my garage wall to front lawn, measures 100psi. From there it runs to water heater, splits there and goes to rest of the house. No central softer/filter installed. My backyard hose measured 100psi the plumber said

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