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04:13AM | 06/11/07
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My fix-it-self neighbor told me not to get Tuscany faucet only Delta. On sale at Menards is Tuscany high profile kitchen faucet. What is you experience with this product line.


12:33PM | 06/11/07
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Thanks will go with Delta. Do you have an answer to my other order to extend the life of my well pump should I increase well-x-trol tank capacity from 4.4 gal to say 20 gal OR install a constant pressure system with cycle stop valve (new to me).Thanks again.


10:37PM | 07/23/16
Agree. I bought a Tuscany faucet without looking at much else. Wife liked the look of it. The faucet itself is fine but the drain plug assembly is cheap plastic and leaked constantly. Took it out and but the builder grade pieces backin. Save yourself the money and either take the cost of the faucet and light it on fire or buy a delta or American standard.


11:11AM | 06/28/17
I have the Tuscany faucet. I bought it because I thought it looked industrial and like it would last a long time. I didn't even have the product 6 months and the hose began to leak really bad. I emailed the company and they sent me a new hose no cost to me. Then one month after that, my new hose did the same thing! Leaking everywhere! I think I am going to have to replace my whole faucet! Super annoyed!


11:44PM | 07/03/17
Same issue as commentor "BV014177" above. Only my faucet is only a week old. The hose just above the outlet head is leaking like a sieve! This whole fixture is a piece of garbage. I bought it at Menard's; they had better be good for it or I'm going to stick it some place if you know what I mean. How can a manufacturer get away with crap quality like this? NEVER, EVER buy a Volk Tuscany product!!


03:01PM | 10/31/17
Same here. We have a Tuscany single handle kitchen faucet which started to leak at the top. Went to Menards and bought a replacement cartridge. Not a big deal, I thought until I installed it. The two small alignment pins at the bottom of the new cartridge are slightly larger than the original ones, and won't allow the cartridge to seat properly. A half-hour with a fingernail file later, and the cartridge now fits. No leaks.

Would not advise buying Tuscany.


11:19PM | 12/10/17
We bought this faucet in August of this year. In November the hose started leaking. I contacted the manufacturer they sent a replacement. All is good until a month later the hose is leaking again. Have contacted the manufacturer but at this point I feel like we will have to replace the entire faucet. Don't buy this product.


02:41PM | 12/11/17
Which "Tuscany" faucet is everyone talking about? It seems just about every manufacturer has a Tuscany design faucet. Tuscany being an area of Italy and this design is something that would have that style of look. Is it a Jensen Tuscany, Moen Tuscany, even Delta has some.


03:41PM | 01/06/18
I agree with the last comments, what are you talking about? I have a Jensen Tuscany with stainless steel hoses, they can't leak. But the spray nozzle won't switch back and forth from spray to stream. No water comes out on stream.


09:36PM | 01/10/18
Menards has a proprietary brand known as Tuscany. Referring to this, can anyone comment on their experience with the Tuscany Sharena pull-down faucet?


05:28PM | 01/15/18
This is for the Tuscany faucet that Menards carries. Model # 6724160 They replaced the hose for me twice and now today while I was washing the faucet broke at the stem close to the base. They are closed for the day so I was not able to talk to anyone but this faucet has been a problem since we purchased it in August 2017.


06:29PM | 02/12/18
I've had a Tuscany jensen for about 2 months, the sprayer quit alternating in led than a month, menards replaced faucet and the next one quit alternating from spray to stream in leads than a week. Would not recommend this brand.


04:25AM | 08/14/18
Tuscany faucets are just plain junk! In less than 3 months the spout began to stick when swinging from one side of sink to other side. In less tan 7 months it is sticking so bad that the entire faucet turns when trying to swing faucet from one side to other side. Tuscany's only solution is to send me another piece of junk Tuscany faucet. Why on earth would I go through the work to take out a piece of junk and install another piece of junk? My faucets drips as well in less than 7 months. Menards company mission statement "Dedicated to Service and Quality" is a joke.


04:36PM | 08/24/18
Bought a Tuscany kitchen faucet from Menards (Brooksville Collection) about two years ago and every six months need to replace the cartridge. Quality of the produce is very low. I would not recommend this brand to anyone.


09:34PM | 09/13/18
I would never buy a Tuscany valve/faucet. I was changing out a one hole kitchen sink faucet and decided to buy a Tuscany faucet because it was nice looking and was $20 difference in price from Delta. I put the Tuscany faucet in, connected the water up and turned it on only to discover no water would come out - either hot or cold. I did everything according to the directions. After talking to someone on their 800 help line, we decided the cartridge was plugged and he offered to send me one which I would get about a week later. I pulled the faucet and went back to Menards and exchanged it for the same model... put it in... same problem! I returned it and bought a Delta, installed it and it worked fine. Obviously some quality problem going on with that brand and I'll never try to save $20 to lose 6 hours of time screwing around with a crappy faucet! Don't buy cheap faucets!!


12:17PM | 09/14/18
Delta or Moen are my choices... Just using the Tuscany shower/tub setup and it leaks every time we put it into the shower mode even with all new pipe fittings all the way up. The problem is with the spout I think. No leaking inside the wall unless the shower stem is pulled up. The pressure forces a leak... Which doesn't a show up otherwise.


12:19PM | 09/14/18
Unfortunately, the area of Wisconsin that I live in has no other Hardware Outlet than Menards. Sure wish they had at least a Lowe's or Home Depot nearby so that I can get better prices, more variety, and a veteran's discount...


01:47AM | 09/30/18
Mine broke first three months we owned it
Never will buy another one from that company


08:56AM | 09/30/18
Just bought a Tuscany Marianna for the bath room sink. The Manufacturerer’s are all going with plastic quick connections, plastic fails over time.
The Tuscany is still using brass connections. I’m going with the brass. We will have to see how long the hoses last. They have brass connections, I can’t see why they should fail.



04:21PM | 01/01/19
Just bought the Tuscany Jostle model#5168c and we are locked out due to turning on the sink while in automatic mode. There are no instructions how to unlock it! Any ideas?


10:15AM | 02/05/19
Just bought a Tuscany Marianna (6736111) tub and shower set. Upon installation, when the water is turned on, the water comes out the tub spout AND the shower head even when the spout diverter in in the down position. This never happened with the Delta tub and shower set that it replaced. No copper plumbing was changed from the old system to the new. Tuscany had no answer. I bought a Delta Classic (134900-A), installed it and still have the same problem. WHat's up?


03:40PM | 05/19/19
Purchased a new Tuscany Jostle with the 2 fancy sensors. I loved the simple look of the faucet, it is at a perfect height plus I loved the idea of hands free faucet.
Downside, My husband and son installed this kitchen faucet yesterday and the sensor function will not work. We went to Menard’s and told them about it and wondered if there could be an installment error. The guys working at the Menard’s kitchen faucet counter told us to uninstall it immediately and take it back. My husband wasn’t thrilled to hear this. It was the one response he didn’t want to get. So for a “no hands” faucet, this thing is very much a piece of junk. I’m going to go to Menard’s and ask for my money back.
Buyer beware! Not what you want after spending $180


05:15PM | 05/20/19
We bought a new house 2 years ago completely remodeled it. We bought Tuscany fixtures for our upstairs bath (shower and sink) and kitchen, the more expensive ones at that. All the fixtures have since failed and needed replaced. Menards does honor the lifetime warranty, however, we are now stuck in a vicious cycle of replacing our Tuscany fixtures every year or so. I advise people to avoid these fixtures at all costs. At some point I will get tired of uninstalling and reinstalling the replacement fixtures and spend the money to buy a brand that won't give me the hassle. Stay away from Tuscany at all costs, you have been warned!


11:00PM | 08/02/19
DONT buy the Volk model. Hose started leaking less than a year!


09:09AM | 10/21/19
Leaked everywhere first time i turned it on. Bought it new a Menards


07:36PM | 12/09/19
We bought the Tuscany "Jamisina" faucet for our farmhouse kitchen. The faucet itself works beautifully, but the hand held sprayer will scorch the living daylights out of your hand if you are using hot water. Even medium hot water! I am dead serious, it get unbelievably HOT! I wish I would have know this. :(


01:24PM | 02/24/20
I have had this POS called the Tuscany model from Volk, and I can confirm that you should never buy a Volk Product, of ant other Brand from the parent company known as they have had to send me 3 hoses, a center stand assembly, now another center stand, a control cartridge, a base plate [due to plating deterioration], and I need the main verticle trim tower assembly also due to plating failure. I am on city treated water not well water with hard mineral issues. This sink has been a nightmare wondering when or if it will sping a leak when I am not home, and cause water damage. The Associate I talked to, and his supervisor simply said " The warranty is LIMITED LIFETIME" meaning they only have to offer replacement parts, but not a replacement unit if failure occurs. I too would like to trow this POS up John Menards Exit Only.


01:28PM | 02/24/20
I have had this POS called the Tuscany model from Volk, and I can confirm that you should never buy a Volk Product, or any other Brand from the parent company known as In 3+ years they have had to send me 3 hoses, a center stand assembly, now another center stand, a control cartridge, a base plate [due to plating deterioration], and I need the main vertical trim tower assembly also due to plating failure. I am on city treated water not well water with hard mineral issues. This sink faucet has been a nightmare wondering when or if it will spring a leak when I am not home, and cause water damage. The Associate I talked to named Randle Johnson, and his supervisor simply said " The warranty is LIMITED LIFETIME" meaning they only have to offer replacement parts, but not a replacement unit if failure occurs. I too would like to throw this POS up John Menards Exit Only.


10:09PM | 03/30/20
I've had the Tuscany Cathleena for almost a year and I love it. I was amazed today when I put a jug under it to fill, went in the living room for 2 minutes and it was filled and the water had stopped. Love it.


11:38AM | 07/01/20
I wish I would have seen these reviews. I purchased a Tuscany Jostle from Menards about a year ago

The sensor went bad after 6 months. Shortly after that it started to drip.

One would think all these years later they would have improved in the quality.

This is NOT the case.


12:28PM | 07/23/20
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Don't buy Tuscany unless you want to rip your shower wall out.

I bought a Tuscany shower 5 years ago. The handle broke off the cartridge. No big deal, right?

I went to Menards with the receipt and the model number. Not only do they not sell a replacement cartridge that fits for their own house brand, they don't even have a record of what cartridge I need and there is nothing on the Internet. Since Menards doesn't sell replacement parts I have no option but to break open the wall and plumb a new shower.


05:27PM | 07/30/20
Just got done pulling a Tuscany Volk pull down kitchen faucet out of my new RV. Body leaked from day one. Almost bought the replacement one from menards but wife wanted something simpler. Was going to try and fix until I saw this site. Glad I didnt buy another tuscany product. POS


09:46PM | 08/06/20
I just bought a Tuscany Morey tub/shower faucet assembly from Menards. It started with a defective cartridge so I called the 1800 number and they sent a replacement at no cost to me. It arrived today and I’m still having issues. It seems that I have to choose between adequate water pressure and the ability to use the handle to shut off the water. If I choose to have adequate water pressure, I’m only able to turn the water off with the hot/cold shut off values (2 screws in the back). Has anyone else had this problem? Is there something that I’m missing?


03:30PM | 12/09/20
We Remodeled our kitchen is May 2020 and bought the Tuscan faucet because of the sleek look, it December and we have little water pressure coming from the unit. But beware don’t by this brand as we are out $150.00.


03:37PM | 01/02/21
Ive installed 2 tuscany faucets now in 3 days, after i install them, they wont swivel good or at all. Save your money


11:36AM | 02/03/21
Tuscany model 6736057 made by Jensen installed lasted about 12 months now the hot and cold water will not work correctly no water pressure.


01:04AM | 02/27/21
Moved in just 2 years ago and the Tuscany kitchen faucet has developed a leak. Apparently from what I’ve read, no surprise.


01:56PM | 04/18/21
Just curious, I see a bunch of reviews for the faucets, but what about the sinks themselves? Can someone let me know if the sink bowls themselves are any good?


04:49PM | 05/08/21
5154C-WS is less than 2 years old and the diverter broke on it. No replacement parts available for purchase at Menards, so we had to go out and buy a whole new setup.


12:33PM | 08/08/21
I've had a Tuscany bathroom faucet from Menards for a number of years now. I've had to replace a cartridge, but it was there 5+ years. I have to agree with an earlier comment that the stopper mechanism is junk. Was flimsy and didn't work from day one.


08:25AM | 08/12/21
Thank you everyone. I was looking at the Menards Jenson Tuscany and decided to do a little searching. Thanks for saving me a pita.

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