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06:17AM | 06/23/07
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The water system is a well with a two year old 50 gallon pressure tank and pump. The hot water heater was just replaced and moved to the opposite side of the basement to allow the drain and drain pan to empty into the sump pump. The cold and hot water piping is 3/4" cpvc. The only new parts are the heater, two shut off valves and some additional 3/4" piping. After the heater was moved a noticeable pressure drop developed. The cold pressure seems fine. I checked the I.D. of the valves and they are not significantly smaller as some valves can be. If you turn on a shower and go from cold to hot you can see a noticeable decrease in the volume and pressure of the hot water. My question is does the hot water heater cold water supply line need to be before it is broken off to supply the rest of the house?


11:45AM | 06/23/07
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You said that you are on a well, but did not give the system pressure.

Some use a 30-50 psi pressure switch. If you pressure runs on the low side then you might see some more problems.

But in general you won't have problems with friction losses in a 3/4" pipe unless the house is several 100 ft long and only one shower being used.

And depending on how the house is laid out, where the water comes in, and how the pipes are run, just moving the WH does not mean that you have signifcant longer running lenght of the hot water supply than the cold water supply.

Now you mentioned the shower. Is the problem ONLY with the one shower, ALL places where hot water is used, or only someplace where hot water is used.

Most likely you have an obstruction in the pipes and/or defective valve.

If the problem is only in the one showeer then debree got into the line and is blocking the hot side of the shower valve.


12:52PM | 06/23/07
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The house is a split level. On pressure is 44lbs and off pressure is 58lbs. Although the water heater was moved there was actually no added length to the system piping. It was just added in at the other end of the current piping in the basement. I keep thinking the valves but when I took it apart and looked into the I.D. they don't appear to be smaller than the nominal pipe I.D.. So thats why I was wondering if I should run the feed directly to the water heater then out to the other circuits.


05:03AM | 06/26/07
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I checked the heat traps on both the inlet and outlet and there were plastic inserts in both nipples leading from the heat traps. I removed the nipples and lef the heat traps in place. Now the pressure is much better. No friction loss but pressure loss due to constriction of the line by the water heater nipples.


06:05PM | 05/22/20
Just put in a new hot water heater cold water pressur fine but hot is low but hot was low pressure before new heater thats the reason we put new one in thought it might be the problem but still no hot water pressure

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