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07:38AM | 06/14/04
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I would like to be first to welcome you to the newest topic on the BBS and to say thanks in advance to all who come here for answers or to contribute. We look forward to challenging and interesting questions covering a broad spectrum of topics from asbestos to land use, to zinc. Whether you are faced with a hazardous material, oil tank decomissioning, or just need to know how to safely complete a task, this is where to come. Due to the potential complexity and legal nature of topics, we also sport the longest disclaimer on the board.

Keep in mind there may not be one right answer to a question, and debate is welcomed. Many of the contributors to this board are long-time professionals with experience in dealing with safety, environmental and hazadous materials. In home improvement, knowledge is power. This topic is intended to cut through misinformation and fear, to provide the tools necessary to deal with a problem.

Topic ideas include: hazardous materials and alternatives use, materials removal and disposal; personal protective equipment; managing health risks within and around the home; ladders and scaffolds, power tool safety, fire safety, groundwater, storm, flood and earthquake planning, building and environmental permits, waste and septic discharges, wetland, forest and, vegetation management. These topics are as important to understand in our homes as they are in the workplace.

tomh moderator


09:22AM | 06/14/04
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We look forward to some lively discussions as people discuss the proper and improper ways to do the nasty business of removing hazards.


10:15AM | 06/19/04
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tom, we have a tenant in one of our duplexes that has complained about a moldy smell she believes is come from the duplex. My husband has gone to inspect and did not smell anything and inspected the walls to see if there was any moisture or mold on them and there is nothing. The tenant is complaining about it could be a toxic mold. What are the sign to look for? What actions should we take to make sure it is not mold? If it is mold how should we dispose of it? The duplex is located in Sacramento, California and the house is about 30 years old.


11:16AM | 06/19/04
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Well its safe to say the cause is NOT excess rain. You are in my backyard (El Dorado Hills). Molds are common in the environment and can become established in homes. One thing they need to be active is moisture. So, if you can find a moisture source, you can usually begin to narrow down your search for molds.

Likely locations are bathrooms, kitchens, crawlspaces. Causes can be leaking plumbing, tile walls, air conditioning equipment (especially swamp coolers) and locations receiving excess irrigation. Areas with lack of ventilation can become musty smelling, but that is not an indication of mold. You have done inspections and seen nothing.

The problem with molds is that, we have coexisted with them since before the beginning of time, but now lawyers have deemed them toxic. This has become a good way for some to make a living, and made a living Hell for property owners getting caught in the squeeze. Since there is nothing to be fixed, and you cannot find mold or mildew, you have done about as much as you can. Document your efforts in a letter to the tenant, including dates of inspections and a description of what your husband found, and keep a copy for your records.

You are not required to do any more than this, but you can certainly offer your tenant that if they find any visible evidence of mold or moisture that requires maintenance attention, that you are willing to address that. Do not offer to retain some kind of sampling company or inspector. Be responsive landlords and maintain the rentals responsibly, and you can protect your interests.


07:14PM | 06/23/04
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Looks like a good forum topic area to debunk radon to mold to termites to every other kind of nonsense....


10:03AM | 08/06/18
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Johh brown
Well, I think I am too new as a member but too old to discuss on your topic.

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