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07:30AM | 02/14/06
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Was told by our home inspector we could remove the piping insulation ourselves and throw it in the regular trash a little at a time. As we kept hitting our heads on the pipes, and many were split, we thought it would be a good thing to do. Well we took it off (masks overalls etc) but when I got back and looked online to figure out how to clean it up, apparently it was the worst thing we could do. Now I am entirely freaked out. We just purchased the house and need to move in a week. We have almost no money left, everything went to the house. Other repairs we were going to do ourselves as we got the money. From reading, wetting it down and using hepa filter wet dry vac may be ok? What can we do. We haven't thrown out anything yet. We just wanted the basement to be safe to store stuff. Please any info, cost to get help etc would be much appreciated.


12:57PM | 02/14/06
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First of all, try to relax about this. Understand that asbestos is only a health hazard when it's airborne and the dust particles are in your breathing zone. If you used sensible precautions when taking the 'stose down--respirators, HEPA vacuums, lots of water--you're probably fine. Professional abatement contractors are required to use lots of water in the removal process. Water keeps the dust from flying around. Hopefully you did that.

If you did not, and if you have reason to think the house has become contaminated, the simplest thing to do is have the air tested by some firm familiar with asbestos work. Tell them your situation. Say you need some air tests done by "PCM Analysis" (it's tons cheaper than TEM and will tell you what you need to know). I'm very doubtful about the advice that you can "just put it out with the trash". If it were something like floor tile or asbestos siding that would probably be ok. But you really should bag it up wet and take it to a landfill that excepts asbestos. Tell them what you have. You won't get in trouble that way. Put it out with the trash, and if someone finds it, you could be in big trouble with your local EPA officials.

Hope this helps.

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