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04:02AM | 05/01/06
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In my home there is something gaseous. I am not sure but I think it is coming from the outside. It has an odor like a rotten smell. My husband says it is natural gas and to me it smells like septic. I am not sure where it is coming from but I think the foundation. I had the gas company check the line and it was okay. I had the boro check the septic line and it was okay. What I do know is that when you walk outside, especially after it rains there is a horrible smell. Also the old lady who owned the house had (what I am told) is a mold problem under the back patio and that is why she kept putting new indoor/outdoor carpet over the concrete. My central air is outside in the back and last year my daughter actually threw up after sitting under the vent inside the home. It was sucking in this smell/gas from the ground and it was sent through the air conditioner. It is a cross between rotten pipes, septic and what my husband says as natural gas. It just smells rotten to me. So what can this be? All I know is that it is gaseous and when in the home you get dizzy. I had the air conditioner checked , it has to be coming from the soil.I put a radon kit in the basement. Who do I call, what do I do to have this checked. I just moved to the area and do not know anyone.

How does one have the foundation checked? I have to find this source. Please advise.


06:49AM | 05/04/06
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We have what sounds like the same thing outside our house. It is the smell of the sewer blowing off the roof from the stack (that pipe that comes up through the roof). I've been assured it is nothing unusual. We usually notice it when the wind is blowing from a certain direction.

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05:22AM | 06/27/06
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The rotten smell is probably hydrogen sulphide gas, which is a product of decomposition in your sewer or septic tank. This is of course poisonous at high levels but the good news is that the human nose can detect it at very small concentrations. You are unlikely to be at risk in your own home. Maybe if you call your local health dept., they could trace the source of the smell for you. As the last poster said, it is probably coming from your vent stack.


04:48AM | 06/28/06
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I do believe you are correct. the main septic stack is a lead pipe. I dont belive it is going out the roof because of the bad pipes. The plumber did seal the lead pipe but now I have to remove the ceiling so he can really get up there and look around. Thanks guys.

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