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07:58AM | 02/20/09
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I need 5 planks or more of the Summer Butternut.. preferably more. It is by Pergo, an American Signature American Cottage sold by Lowes. It was discontinued in 2008.


08:59AM | 05/05/10
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I am in Southeast Pa. I have 9 boxes of this flooring. Where are you located? E-mail me at



11:57AM | 05/14/10
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Pergo's Casual Living Goldenrod Hickory (available as of 5/14/10 at Lowes) and discontinued American Cottage Summer Butternut seem to be the same thing. Only the Casual Living series is almost 50 cents/sq ft cheaper.

I decided to do the other half of my house today with Pergo American Cottage Summer Butternut only to find out from your post that it was discontinued in 2008! Went to Lowe's just now and discovered that Pergo moved it to the Casual Living line and renamed it Goldenrod Hickory. I just popped opened a of the Goldenrod, laid it down on my existing Buttternut flooring. They are exactly the same down to the wood grain pattern used! Color difference looks about what I'd expect with buying from two different lots of the same product.


09:30AM | 06/02/10
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I saw that you were telling someone that you had 9 boxes of Pergo american cottage summer butternut. Do you still have some. I need enought to replace a 10ft x 12ft.


Gene Murphy


01:06PM | 06/03/10
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To KLWong I wanted to say that you are absolutely right about the Goldenrod Hickory being an almost exact match for the Summer Butternut Pergo. We had some water damage in the kitchen area and we needed 4-5 boxes of replacement planks. After I saw your post, we went to our local Lowe's. We bought the planks we needed and had them installed. They do look like a perfect match. Thank you very much for the post. It has saved a lot of worries and headache on our part.


10:49AM | 06/09/10
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Thanks for the info. I will check it out.


08:50AM | 06/23/10
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I had 9 boxes but they have all been sold at this point. Sorry for the late response...



11:08AM | 10/10/10
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I need 4 boxes to redo a hall. Does anyone have any PW80012, Summer Butternut for sale.


03:12PM | 07/20/13
I got 1 box with 7 planks of the American Cottage summer butternut totals 17.59 sq. ft. Made by pergo from Canada


12:51PM | 10/07/13
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does anyone still have any Summer Butternut Pergo available? we have water damage and only need a small amount.


09:51PM | 03/23/15
I need a box of either Summer Butternut to Goldenrod Hickory. Turns out both styles are now discontinued, right when I need one box to finish the room I am trying to complete. You can contact me at the below email. I'm in Southern Maryland. Thanks.



10:16AM | 04/07/18
I need one box of this that was disc in 2009.... anybody have some left over maybe???


10:16AM | 05/08/18
I have 3 1/2 boxes. Where are you Located? I am in NW Ohio


05:56PM | 07/17/18
Do you have any of this Summer Butternut? I have some repairs we need to complete.


04:20PM | 10/04/18
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I need a box of Pergo Summer Butternut 80012 to finish a repair. Does anyone have a spare box? I was told the Casual Living Goldenrod Hickery is the same as the Summer Butternut. Does anyone have a spare box of that?


09:12PM | 12/02/18
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I have an unopened box of American Cottage Summer Butternut, Pergo Laminate (7 planks) in WA. 12 -1-18


03:40PM | 09/15/19
We need Pergo signature American cottage summer butternut PW80012 or Pergo casual living goldenrod hickory

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