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05:28AM | 05/08/01
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We are building a new home and unfortunately we have to use oil as a heating source.
Where can I find info about the cleanest and
most efficient boilers on the market?


08:49AM | 05/08/01
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I'm not sure why you HAVE to use oil as a heating source. My guess is that you don't have access to a natural gas line, but that wouldn't mean you're restricted to oil.

There are a lot of heating systems on the market, each with it's own strengths and weaknesses. If I'm right in assumine you don't have access to NG, you can use electricity (likely quite expensive, but there are options), wood, wood pellets, heat pumps, solar, propane, and others. You need to look for whatever is best for you. I have a friend who used a recirculating heat pump with geothermal heating and cooling on an old farmhouse and it worked quite well. There are new technologies for solar energy including solar roofing panels that look like top-quality roofing. As well, someone I work with has a combination oil and electricity boiler system. During off-peak hours (11pm to 7am) he gets electricity for a fraction of the day rate (but pays a premium during the day) and he uses oil at other times.

I currently have oil heat in the home I just purchased and the furnace is only 3 years old, so it would have been a waste to replace it. With NG prices rising as they have, we may see oil becoming much more competative with NG, especially considering that fuel oil has more heating potential pre litre than 1 cubic meter of NG. While it would have paid to switch over to a gas furnace 3 or more years ago, the savings just aren't worth it for me right now, though I would get additional work space after the tank was removed ;-)

Finally, it would be helpful if you could tell us where you live and why you feel you are limited to oil.

Good luck,



04:13AM | 05/11/01
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I live in New England, so I think solar power is out of the question, during the winter. Plus the units I found are horribly expensive and it is simply not in the budget.

While I know that htere are som other choices finding some one who actually knows about them and will install them is a whole nother story.

I don't have gas and in my area 70% of the homes are heated with oil. I would love to explore other options that would allow me to generate some of my own electricity and use alternative fuels. If you know of any sites, mfgs. or dealers who could offer product/pricing that would be great.


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