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10:34AM | 01/18/10
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I've spent some time on this site and all over the web looking for some information on the King Circulator Wood Stove model 8802-B by Martin Industries. It looks like there may be a few people on here who have one and can answer my question.

There is a knob on the front that can be set to Hi or Lo; what the heck is it for? I just acuired this stove and am trying to figure it out. I saw the post with all the neat manufacturers details and printed that out but like I said, can't figure out the knob. My guess is it controls the speed of the electric fan/blower.

Any input is greatly appreciated. All additional information is geeatly accepted.



10:20AM | 01/09/13
Where did you find the info concerning the manufacturers details?


10:54PM | 01/26/13
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That knob is for he air flow and controls the burn/temp


11:28PM | 02/07/13
We are having the same issue! We thought we were missing a blower piece...but os that not the case???


02:30PM | 07/24/13
Where can I find ulr inspection code?


02:14PM | 07/25/13
I have a model 8800-B1-H.

The knob on the front is similar to a thermostat. It is used to control the damper which helps manage the rooms temperature. It was a brilliant design and you won't see this on any modern stoves today.

I'll never give this stove up.


06:13PM | 11/10/13
I need a grates for a king 8800-b1-h


01:01AM | 12/05/13
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hi king folk, i have had three of these stoves and just moved one back in my house. thing is, i load wood and it is on full blast like therm is out. thermostat is all the way down to lo. i think i messed things up by starting with the therm down and doors open... i haven't been able to look as it is burning nonstop now but could i have over heated and damaged the thermostat in front? it has been 40 out so i didn't need much fire. now it's cold and i still an being pushed out by the heat, having to open house door. so, how can i fix this? what part is not working? hot in here... j


05:57PM | 11/03/14
I'd say it's your door seal. It's getting air somewhere.


12:13PM | 11/18/14
we have a king automatic circulator wood stove with model number 8800 - H we are trying to figure out what the specs are for the piping and wall any help would be appreciated


12:14PM | 11/18/14
we have a king automatic circulator wood stove with model number 8800 - H we are trying to figure out what the specs are for the piping and wall any help would be appreciated


08:20AM | 11/20/14
We have had a king for over 30 years. With a lot of trial and error this is a few key things we found. If you live in a wooded area with very tall trees, you will need at least 3 more feet of piping above your roof to get a good draft to keep an even heat. Secondly, set the knob (thermostat) on the front about 3/4 of the way between hi and lo and leave it there. Thirdly, to keep the house at a normal temp, make the first starting with smaller logs until a good bed of coals. Don't open the large door for draft, use the ash pan door just slightly to get a good draft for starting the fire. If you can find a magnetic temp gauge that you can put on the stop pipe about 3' about the stove. We watch that temp to decide when to shut the ash pan door. Depending on your house, if it has no heat and very cold outside will determine when you need to shut the ash pan door (watch that you don't go over 500 degrees-your could burn out your pipe). Don't load up the fire right away because you will be opening doors all night to cool down the house. Once there is a good bed of coals add maybe 2 7 to 8" round logs and at bed time fill again till about half full this should give you pleasant heat throughout the night with a bed of coals for restart in the morning (just as a couple of thinner logs and open the ash pan door for added draft till the logs catch). Hope this helps a few of you.


08:23AM | 11/20/14
Someone was wondering the specs on distance from wall. I would check with the fire chief in your area and your insurance company.


12:55AM | 12/31/16
We have a King Automatic wood burner that I got used but we are having problems it is Model 6600 AI we put wood in it get the fire going good but as soon as we close the door it goes out and fills the house with smoke we have both vents open (I think)


09:46AM | 12/31/17
I am looking for an ash pan for a King circulator 7801-1. Any help would be appreciated


12:49PM | 01/11/18
We have king ash pans avaiable. We would need to know the measurements to insure the correct size. I believe the King 7801 used the 1042 ash pan. We also have custom made ash pans, if we cannot match yours to our in stock items. Please let us know if we can help. Silver Valley Wood Stove Parts 336-701-0555.


08:45PM | 02/04/18
I have a model 8800-B1-H and my crate just broke. Anyone know where to get a replacement crate at?


12:57PM | 04/04/18
are they UL tested?


05:12PM | 05/19/18


06:46PM | 10/16/19
Where can you get fire vricks for a king automatic wood stove?


07:00PM | 11/15/19
It opens a dampening vent in the bottom to let more air into the fire box. Same as a reg wood stove just with a knob


12:33AM | 01/08/20
Hi, I have a Wonder Wood Automatic Wood Circulator Wood Stove, Model #2601 and Serial #0916-2, these numbers are carved on the plate on the back of the stove.. I’m not sure if this was common practice for these stoves or not, the stove was given to me!!!! Well I am having a time getting it to draft correctly!!! I’ve cleaned the ash pan and the inside area, which there was hardly anything in there yet it’s not getting much if any draft through either the ash pan door or with the automatic vent control but if I open the main door there is a ton of draft!!! What could be causing this???? Also is there a site or someplace I can call to get the specks on this stove?? The address on this plate is in Tennessee!! I could really use some info for this stove!!!!
Thank you, Diane


09:37AM | 04/08/20
I want to buy a King Circulator stove. 970 379 5021


04:52AM | 08/28/21
It controls the amount of air that goes into the firebox. Turn it down to low & your fire will have less air & it will burn slower & your wood will last longer. Turn it to high & more air will travel into your firebox & your fire will burn hotter. It's like a thermostat. At night cut it down towards lo & your fire will make it thru the night. I have had mine since 1982. Still going strong.


06:55PM | 10/10/21
I need to replace firebrick but need manual to know how to get stove apart.


03:49PM | 12/20/21
I have a King 6600 A1 and am looking for a manual. I get it going and then it goes out when I shut the door. Help please. Is there something I'm missing?

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