12:29PM | 07/21/00
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Ok, here goes...

My hottub had a large 20 amp GFCI PLUG. The guy who delivered it twisted the one prong so it would go into a 15 amp outlet. The weight of the thing as well as the rigging of the prong resulted in a short and destruction of the orginal GFCI plug.

My local electric house did not have the plug version, so I bought a 20 amp GFCI OUTLET and a 20 amp plug.

I installed the outlet to the Line only to check it. Everything worked fine. I was sooooo happy, but alas this was not to last.

I connected the load and the GFCI could not be reset. I tried several attempts, running to the breaker and back, but to no avail.

I found that there are 4 outlets in the circuit beyond the GFCI. There are 2 in each bathroom. I opened up all four and checked the wiring. All were correct.

I'm stumped. I have been told by Leviton Technician to remove wiring to one outlet at a time and see if I can find the offending party. I will try this tomorrow, but if anyone has any other ideas, I'm wide open!

Thanks in Advance,

Roy Doolin


01:21PM | 07/21/00
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What is the Voltage on the tub,..As well as the receptical on the wall? What or why did he need to bend anything?


02:47PM | 07/21/00
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I knew this might get a little confusing...

I am running 110v.

He bent one prong because it was a 20 amp GFCI PLUG into a standard 15 amp OUTLET. I replaced the GFCI plug with a standard 20 amp plug and replaced the outlet with a 20 amp GFCI.

see bad ascii below...

| |
15 amp

- |
20 amp

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03:00AM | 07/22/00
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OK,..I hope I can help. First of all, I think you mean 220vac and 115 vac...This would explain your diagram. Sounds like your receptical is 115 vac and the hottub is 220 vac. By bending the plug to fit the 115vac outlet, it shorted out the tub. Make sure that the receptical and the tubb's voltage rating match. 220 rec...220 tub. OR 115rec. and 115 tub. He should never have bent the plug in the first place. If the tub runs on 220 vac, that's what you need for a power supply...Get it? By replacing the receptical with a 220 vac style, you still probably have only 115 volts there....Each leg to ground should give you 115 volts A/C.
One more thing,...Your hottub should have a deticated circuit!!! It's very own seperate breaker with nothing else on it. Thinking more about it, I know you tub is 220vac. Get that bonehead back there and ask him why in gods name did he bend the plug??? I guess the guy doesen't care if the house burns down. CALL an Electritian!!!!!!!!!!


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08:21PM | 07/22/00
Hollywood the plug described is a 20 amp 110 Vac plug. The reason a manufacture would put a plug like that on a device is to be sure the receptacle has a large enough capacity for the load. I do agree that the Hot Tub should be on dedicated circuit. I would double check the wiring of BOTH the receptacle and the new 20 amp plug.


08:27PM | 07/22/00
One more thing to check, is the outlet on a 20 amp circuit or a 15 amp circuit?? 12 gauge wire 14 gauge wire. You can only run a 20 amp circuit on 12 gauge wire.


07:49AM | 07/24/00
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To clarify: do I understand correctly that when the new outlet is wired in and the hot tub is not plugged into it, the GFCI does not "break". But when you plug in the hot tub, the GFCI breaks? It that's the case, it seems pretty clear that the problem is NOT with the other 4 outlets.
Does it only break when the hot tub is turned ON, or when the hot tub is plugged in, WITHOUT being turned ON? It may be that the hosed-up original has damaged the hot tub motor or something else in addition to the connector plug.

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01:53PM | 07/24/00
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Here's the additional info...

I do not know the guage.

The Hottub worked fine for 1-1/2 years. It is 115 or 220 selectable. I use 115 which means it doesn't heat when the jets are on and it takes a couple more hours to get up to temperature.

The GFCI trips without anything plugged in ANYWHERE.

IF I disconnect the Load (the 4 outlets) then the GFCI works fine and my wife is a happy Hottubber (although the 104 degrees this week has kept us out of the thing).

I hope this clarifies eveything a little more.

I have another thing to check. There is an old big sattelite dish that I know used to work when we bought the house, but we never got a receiver. This MAY be on the same circuit (servos) . I plan to see if there is power out there, and if so, determine what circuit it is on. I got a warm fuzzy this is my problem all along. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for the advice so far...


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