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02:13PM | 07/16/00
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Before we plant a new lawn we have to get rid of the bamboo ( 1/4" diameter). We have tried everything the nursery has to offer but it is still there. Looking for any tried and true methods.


06:25AM | 06/26/01
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well sporty2, you've started your way down a long, arduous road. anything you try to get rid of bamboo is going to take some time and effort, short of bringing in heavy equipment (i.e. a backhoe). about all you can do is cut down all the canes and then dig up all the rhizomes (roots) you can find -it behooves you to dig several feet around the grove as well, as it can spread as far as the grove is tall- and any pieces that are left behind will become new shoots. luckily, bamboo doesn't send roots too deep unless it's an old and very well established grove. then over the next few years (yes, years) you'll have to just cut and dig any new shoots that come up. there are stories of groves that were "eliminated" only to return 2-3 yrs. later with a vengeance. diligence and thoroughness are your friends, and if you keep on top of it, you'll be bamboo free in just a few years.


07:09AM | 03/22/02
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Best of luck to ya... I've been hacking away at a grove that was about 12' long and 3' wide for the better part of the past year & a half. I've gotten all of the canes cut down, and some of the roots, but bamboo has to be the most stubborn of all flora (followed closely by paper mulberry, another nightmare weed/tree that nothing short of a nuclear blast seems to get rid of!). Last year we had to rip out and replace our dining room floor down to the foundation, and sure enough, there were bamboo rhizomes under there, a good 6' from where the grove was. I'm looking into how effective a stump grinder might be at making a dent in the root system, because my back's killing me from digging out the rhizomes for 6-8 hours at a time every weekend!

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