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02:30PM | 12/01/02
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I am re-wiring a home that I completely gutted. I have a few questions before I start: 1. On normal receptacle and light circuits, what guage wire is recommended, 12 or 14? I already purchased 15 Amp receptacles. 2. What size breaker will I need for these same circuits? and 3. Would you recommend running separate circuits for each of the lights and of the receptacles? All of these questions pertain to Bedrooms and Living Room. Thanks!


05:29AM | 12/02/02
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14 gauge for 15 amp and 12 gauge for 20 amp

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Tom O

11:30AM | 12/02/02
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There are pros & cons about lights being on a separate circuit. My personal point of view is to mix receptacles and lights so that when a breaker does trip, you will still have some lights working.

For someone not used to working with wire, #14 is easier to deal with and using this size helps avoid box fill issues.



03:25PM | 12/02/02
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The fact that you are asking basic questions such as these leads me to wonder if you are qualified to do this work. Wiring is not a good place to save a few bucks. Think about hiring a profesional. (***Note to powers that be at BobV headquarters this is not a flame)


03:07AM | 12/03/02
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I am asking for recommendations. Also, once the wiring is complete in the state of NY it has to be inspected by a Licensed Inpector. So, it really itsn't so much as saving money but just asking for recommendations. Thanks!


03:08AM | 12/04/02
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You have been given the wire sizes for the 15 and 20 breakers. The recepticles even though marked 15 amp can be used on a 20 amp circuit.


08:01AM | 12/05/02
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Depending on your location in NY the electrical work may have to be performed by a licensed electrician. License's in NY are by locality city or county.

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