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07:43AM | 12/16/02
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I was reading the Blown Circuit topic below and I have a similar problem. Could any of you smart electricians help me please?

My first floor hall light, second floor hall light, and front porch light are all inexplicably out. All three of those lights are controlled by 3 switches on the same switchplate downstairs. Upstairs, there is a switchplate that has switches that control the two hall lights - so you can turn the upstairs and downstairs hall lights from the upstairs or downstairs switches.

All other lights in the house are fine. I have checked and switched on and off all the circuit breakers-even though none appeared to be tripped. I have checked and reset all the GFI outlets in the house (that I could find- there are 2 in the kitchen and one in the bathroom). All to no avail. Oh, and all the bulbs are working when I tried them in other lamps.

Did a little mouse chew through a wire in the wall? I sure hope not. If anyone has any ideas I would be so grateful.



02:27AM | 12/17/02
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Hey guys? Here's a new development in my blown circuit situation...

It turns out that the GFI outlet in my bathroom is NOT working (before, I thought it was), and I can't get it to "reset." The "test" and "reset" buttons don't seem to push in all the way- they don't "click" the way the other GFI outlets do.

Could this indicate anything about the circuit that these 3 lights are on?

Thank you, thank you, thank you.



02:45AM | 12/17/02
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Sounds like one of 2 things: The GFCI is actually bad, or there is a problem in the circuit.
A friend had a problem that sounds indentical, caused by a wiring connector in the outside light being rusty and corroded from exposure to the elements. The connector was actually broken.


09:49AM | 12/17/02
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That last post rings a bell. If an outside light is on a ground fault circuit, any leakage to ground will cause it to trip and if the leakage is constant you will not be able to reset the circuit. Might want to remove the light fixture and check it out thoroughly.


01:55PM | 12/17/02
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2 thing you can try.
Remove the gfci and disconnect the wires from the load screws. See if will reset.
Turn off the breaker to the GFCI. You should be able to reset it if there is actually a fault causing it to trip. It will trip again when the power is turned on though.


02:17AM | 12/18/02
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Thanks so much for all the help! Last night my dad got the GFCI outlet in the bathroom working again. It tests and resets properly. Apparently, it turns out that the outlet was not related to the main problem of the hall and front porch lights being out! Dad checked everything, all the connections, bulbs, breakers etc., and even took the front light off to check for corrosion at the connections, as some of you recommended. Everything looked normal to him. What could this be??? **Sigh** Looks like I'll have to call an electrician. I really appreciate everyone's input.



07:06PM | 05/19/13
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