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09:47AM | 01/03/03
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We are renovating the ground floor of our split level. As we pulled down ceiling tiles, we noticed that the retrofitted cable was not run through joists, so it's currently just hanging there. There's also retroinstalled phone line, but that appears to have been done properly, as has the black lines for the lighting fixtures.

Then we have a mystery wire. It's two twisted copper wires inside clear plastic sheathing. We first discovered it sticking up out of our carpet in the dining room (cut and exposed). Then after ripping down the ceiling downstairs, we see it runs from that point beneath the dining room, across our family room ceiling (just hanging there) where it poked up through the ceiling in the downstairs hall and seemingly disappeared. Yesterday, as I grabbed the broom from beside the fridge, I saw where it was coming back up through the floor. It runs up the wall and disappears into the kitchen cabinet (or wall). There are no lights or doorbells in that area, so my husband hypothesizes that it's an attempt at a surround-sound home speaker system. Any thoughts?


05:02PM | 01/05/03
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It sounds like speaker wire that was retrofitted by a previous owner. It's not a hazard, but extra stuff like that can be annoying and get in the way of things that are more important. I usually remove anything like this I find, unless the path that's been run may someday prove useful for pulling another wire that may be more useful.

Speaker wire usually has a faint white line stamped in the casing over one of the conductors, or the conductors are of slightly different materials so you can identify polarity (a minor issue with speakers, but for true believers an absolute need-to-know issue). If you spot this, that's a real tip-off what the indended purpose was. If not, well, it's still just extra wire naging around...



08:12PM | 01/06/03
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Ah ha! I got close enough to read tiny white type on the wire. It says...

Monster XP Compact Precision Standard High Resolution Speaker Cable with Magnetic Flux Tube and LPE Dielectic - 1ft

So ripping it out won't be a problem?

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