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02:15PM | 01/12/03
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have a strange switch setup that i'm a little confused about. The existing switch controls the light on the back porch, and current is exactly as it was when i moved in. I'm trying to install a timer switch which has two wire leads which are meant to be connected via wirenut to the hots coming in and out. However, there are 3 sets of wires coming into the box. One black wire is attached to the left terminal of the switch. The second black wire has a section in the middle stripped, and loops around the right terminal and then is joined via wire nut to the third wire. I believe all the white wires are piggy backed to each other via wirenut (but i didn't really pay much attention to that, since i was confused about the hot wires). Unfortunately, the installation instructions assume that there is only 2 black wires coming in. Does anyone know what this type of configuration is for? And how should i be going about hooking up the timer switch? Should i just be pigging backing the two black wires and the lead coming from the timer switch????? Please HELP!!! Any help would be appreciated.


05:46PM | 01/12/03
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I had one of these, and because I only had a hot and a neutral wire to the fixture, I didn't connec the ground to anything. Big mistake. Every time the light bulb went out, the unit lost all power and the timing program was kablooie.

The hot powers the unit, but needs a separate neutral so power can return from the unit in the event of a bulb burn out. Remember that there's two separate units here, a fixture and a controller. Hopefully that will help you make more sense of this.

Follow the directions, even if they don't immediately make much sense. If you still are having trouble, a lot of these units have webpages or phone support.


05:55PM | 01/12/03
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after much searching i found a wiring diagram which helps. It seems the single black attached to the left terminal goes to the light (as expected). Incoming black wire 2 supplies power, and outgoing black wire 3 carries power on in the run. I'm used to the switch or the fixture being the end of the run in my limited experience. All I needed to do was put the second leed together with the other 2 black wires and tie them together with a wirenut. That works perfectly.

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