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10:12AM | 04/14/03
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I have seen alot of postings on this subject but here's a question. I bought an older house that has 2 problems.
1- 3 wire outlets are showing not grounded using a tester.How can I ground?
2- where I have 2 wire outlets can I ground a new outlet to a water pipe?

Thanx and sorry ofr the stupid questions


02:29PM | 04/14/03
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1. replace the first outlet in the chain with a gfci and install the little stickers 'gfci protected no ground'. You can not ground to water pipe. You must run the ground wire back the service entrance ground bar.


03:04PM | 04/14/03
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You might first want to determine if the circuit itself is grounded or not. How old is the house? If it has knob & tube wiring it is not grounded.


10:20AM | 04/15/03
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joed has it right, you can not run a ground to the nearest water pipe, it would have to be run to the panel the circuit starts from as spelled out by NEC 2002 250.130(C)

He is also right about the code allowing an grounding type outlet at a box where no ground exists if GFCI protection is provided by a GFCI breaker or receptacle.
This is spelled out in 406.3(D)(3)(b) and (c)

But whether there is space in the box or how to properly find the neutral of Knob & Tube or how to safely install a GFCI Breaker are tasks for a trained person.

Electricity can and does start fires, most electrical fires are traced to work performed by unqualified persons, yes I am an electrician but my comments have nothing to do with making work, my comments come from the knowledge of what can happen.

Do you own carpenty wrong and doors stick, do you own painting wrong and you may have runs, do you own electrical wrong and ?


10:57AM | 04/15/03
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Thank you for the responses.
The house is not knob & tube. Some outlets are grounded properly w/ 3 wires. Some outlets are not grounded w/ 2 wires and some outlets have 3 wires and are NOT grounded. The ground is connected to the outlet but shows on the tester as not grounded properly.

Thank you


02:34AM | 04/17/03
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Here's what I found
The house was rewired w/ #12 wire and whoever did the work installed outlets that are not grounded so the ground wires were cut @ the outlets or junction boxes. They were however grounded @ the box!!!
Thank you


07:17AM | 04/17/03
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You might want to contact a licenced experienced electrician for this.

There could be a broken connection somewhere...these guys are trained to look for faults like that and how to correct them properly - and you need someone who can think this through with a clear head.

Good luck.

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