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09:35AM | 01/21/04
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I have a fixture that blew out a 60 watt bulb twice in less then 2 weeks. No circut breakers have tripped during this, does anyone have any idea what might be causing this???

Could the 60 watt bulb be too high?? The light fixture is an old ceiling light fixture providing light for a small living room.

I have access to the attic directly above the ceiling to inspect the back of fixture if need be, but what am I looking for that may be wrong??

This light has never given any trouble in the past, been in house over 4 yrs.

Thanks in advance,


07:29AM | 01/22/04
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The fixture itself will not "blow" light bulbs. However, I have seen a case where perfectly good bulbs were being thrown away because the connection in the fixture was flexing when it got hot enough. It was just enough to make the bulb go out. By the time a new bulb was screwed in, the fixture had cooled down.
My first suspicion would be cheap bulbs.
Also, vibration can kill light bulbs. Is there anything new in the area?
Last, check the voltage to see if it's changed.


01:27PM | 01/22/04
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Thank you for your reply,

Nothing has been replaced recently. My main concern was an overload on that circut, but if that was the case or if there was a short the breaker would have tripped correct??

I will try a new brand light bulb.

How would I as you suggest, check to see if voltage has changed.

Thanks again,

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07:45PM | 01/26/04
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As anytime with Electricity BE CAREFUL!!

If you have access to a volt meter or Multi meter. Set it on a setting High enough to read 120 Volts AC (usually the 250V setting). The at the light fixture place one lead in the center of socket and the other on the threaded portion of socket. Your meter should read between 110 and 120 volts. I agree tho that it is probably a heat problem. Good Luck and hope this helps!!

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