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03:28PM | 01/24/04
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My husband removed a vanity light bar strip to put up our new fixture. Unfortunately, the box (don't know the technical term here) that we fasten the new fixture to is off center and too low for the new mirror we want to install.

How should we go about moving the fixture so it is higher and centered over the vanity? We don't have a problem with the length of the wires, but we're not sure how to actually move the box and get it secured - and repair the hole that will be left from the current box. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



08:18PM | 01/26/04
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Well first depends on what type of wall it is. If drywall it is pretty easy to patch after the move. As far as moving the box it depends where the studs in the wall are. First check and see how the box is mounted right now. Is it nailed from the right side, left side, top, or bottom. It should attach to a stud or a brace. Then do some careful measuring and find exactly where you want the box. If you can put the box there with out hitting any studs then it is as simple as moving it to new spot and nailing in place. If there is a stud in the wall right where you want the box then you have to cut it out above and below the box leaving enough room to put a 2x4 ( or whatever size your wall is) butted against the stud on the left of the box across to the stud on right of box, so it fits tight against the stud that you cut. Do this on top and bottom. When finished you will have what looks like a window frame. Try to make your frame so that you will have a nailing surface on which ever side of box it needs to be on. Attach your light and patch your wall. Your done. Some safety stuff though. Always make sure power is off. Make sure that your electrical connections are tight. If you don't understand the basics of electricity. Then I really do suggest getting a electrician to do it. Hopes this helps. Good Luck!!


12:08AM | 05/04/15
Here's what you said, "Attach your light and patch your wall. Your done." You might want to correct this to have the right spelling for "your". This is such a common and thoughtless error that it's disappointing to see a professional do it.

You want to say, "you are done", so you should use the contraction of the two words "you" and "are", and get "you're". The spelling you used for "your" means something belongs to you...which is not what you really wanted to say. Simple!...and so frustrating that probably half of the people in the US misspell this over and over without thinking of what the words are.

Pictures of your method of moving the junction box would also help.


06:25AM | 05/04/15
Thanks for the advise.


12:37AM | 05/06/15
I see what you did there. :)


07:03PM | 08/12/15
Are you seriously pointing out someone's grammar while they're offering help someone? You should have kept that to yourself.


12:19PM | 05/04/16
On a professional level web site the writer needs to know basic proper English. (Advise vs Advise and Your vs. You're) And a electrical junction box should not be covered over with drywall a plate should be used.


05:31PM | 05/05/16
I came to this website for the helpful answer it provided. Unfortunately, the nasty comments caught my eye and as I scrolled down I simply couldn't help but notice that your antagonistic responses were riddled with grammatical errors themselves. e.g. "a electrical", and the absence of appropriate commas. Such irony.


08:36AM | 06/15/16
While you're at it dipshit... maybe try "And AN electrical," remember it's the vowel sound that directs us when to use a vice an. Personally I don't care but you sir are a pompus ass and wanted to nicely tell you to go F yourself.


10:37AM | 08/22/16
professionals should turn off the options for comments.


08:22PM | 04/26/19
Trolls - They hide behind their computer screens, and actively go out of their way to cause trouble on the internet. Big POS’s.


07:27PM | 01/14/20
With so many truly kind people in this world... it is sad to see that there are people who simply have to be hurtful and can’t simply say thank you.

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