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11:03PM | 04/23/04
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I am replacing the old sub-panel in my garage with a new one but placing it further towards the back. Can I run my new feeder cables inside of flex conduit along the walls (outside of the drywall) from the old panel area to the new or do I have to use rigid EMT pipe? Obviously the cost of pipe is much greater than the conduit. I'd like to get by with the conduit if at all possible.

I live in California in case the code differs from state to state.

Tom O

04:43PM | 04/24/04
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Things must really be different in California, Flex, of any type, always costs more than EMT where I live. Not only that, the cost of connectors for flex is also much higher.

Anyhow, I used to live in California & it seemed to me that at that time that everyplace required an inspection, even in unincorporated areas. Therefore, you should direct your questions to the authority having juridiction for a definitive answer.



06:47PM | 04/28/04
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hi Montyjoe,

i don`t thing you can legal run any cable outside the wall, next week i`m getting another final inspection and i`am going to ask him how that works, but as i said i haven`t seen cable run (legal) outside the drywall so far, but who knows, just build a box around it ;-) and i live in socali and if you have another question let me know , my inspector is pretty cool i can pick his brain :-)


10:47AM | 05/17/04
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I am not a licensed electrician but work with many that are. I don't believe that you can run flex conduit to the new panel, but you will wan to check with your local building inspector. As to the surface mounting this is not normally an issure if the wire is in conduit, "but the type of conduit may also be an issue for you. There is the EMT that you mentioned which will generally meet code but there are 2 additional type intermediate IMC and Rigid conduit. The can be cases that one of these might be required. I would gather that you are leaving in the old panel or replacing it with a new "J box". Any cable splices MUST be in a jbox and there are specific size arequirements appicable to these depending on wire size and number of conductors.. This really sounds like a project for a licensed electrician.



02:22AM | 08/15/04
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As far as I know any exposed or surface wiring inside a garage should be in conduit,EMT. I would use EMT for the Line side of the sub panel and Metal Clad, BX, or FMC, for your branch ciruits. P.S. keep in mind that on a sub panel the ground buss and the neutral buss are NOT Bonded...

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